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Since the early 1990’s, Wicked Wanda’s has made its mark on the adult industry through its inclusive persona, knowledgeable staff and a true appreciation of all things kink. We practice what we preach! Our staff have hands-on expertise when it comes to BDSM. Whether you are looking for a new whip or paddle, information on safe BDSM or advice on how to introduce kink and fetish into your sex life, then Wicked Wanda’s is the place for you.

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Crave's Vesper Vibe Reviewed

Crave's Vesper Vibe Reviewed

By: Minx

Sex and fashion finally meet with the release of Vesper by Crave. Admittedly I tend to enjoy more powerful options, such as the Hitachi Magic Wand, but I was pleasantly surprised at how powerful this slim vibe was.

The Vesper
is an elegant and rechargeable toy that can be worn as a pendant necklace (with benefits!) – made from stainless steel, the Vesper looks like a luxurious piece of jewelry and is available in silver, rose gold and 24K gold. I’m not usually one to admire product packaging, but I must say the velvet storage pouch and jewelry box were quite stunning. The aesthetics of the Vesper does truly make it a unique piece; I’ve paired my silver model with a variety of outfits and received compliments about my lovely necklace *cue sneaky smile. My best friend and I were out to dinner when I told her I was wearing a sex toy for a review I was writing. Her reaction was somewhere in-between confusion and intrigue. I leaned next to her and switched on the discreet power button, her eyes lit up and she began to blush and giggle at the intensity of this little gadget. We began discussing its elegance in comparison to other toys and agreed the Vesper is a wonderful example of a non-offensive and sex-positive toy. Love the concept!

To be honest when I ordered my Vesper I was not convinced the necklace would be a substantial toy, and summed it up to be more of a novelty type item. I was wrong! The Vesper delivers deep toe curling vibrations and the motor actually heats up the entire vibe. The heating aspect quickly became one of my favorite features. I have a glass dildo that can be used for temperature play, but I never actually go through the process of running it under warm water, so this is a hassle free way for me to get that delightful warming sensation.  The shape and light-weight is ideal for localized vibration; great for clitoral and nipple play. The vibe is small and can easily be incorporated in many positions. Personally, I really enjoyed incorporating the Vesper during a blow job; using it along the shaft was great. I continued by cupping the vibe in my hand and using it around the balls and perineum while blowing him. Needless to say he had an explosive orgasm; it was super-hot and I felt like a BJ queen. On the flipside I love using the Vesper when a partner is going down on me; its slim size is undisruptive. Overall the Vesper is a wonderful addition to all sorts of play.

The Vesper is made of stainless steel which means it is non-porous. Therefore you may use any kind of lubricant (if desired) and it is very easy to clean.  The charging system is user-friendly and the Vesper has a long battery life but dies unexpectedly, so keep your charger near. It is splash proof and water-resistant, not water-proof! I wouldn’t recommend bringing it to the shower and especially not the tub. The Vesper is for external use only; it does not have a base so please do not insert this in your bum.  

I am so happy with the Vesper! I look forward to reading my readers comments and experiences with it. So please feel free to post any thoughts or questions. I would without hesitation recommend this to any person looking for a fun addition to their sex toy or jewelry box.

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Vector By We-Vibe: Rechargeable Prostate Toy

We-Vibe Vector Review

Today I met a new man and his name is Vector. He’s into the tech world and nerdy-sex, so naturally he works for We-Vibe. Alright, Vector is my new prostate toy and like any new relationship I am excited to tell you all about him.

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My Ultimate Self-Care Tool: We-Vibe Melt Review

My Ultimate Self-Care Tool: We-Vibe Melt Review

Sex-toys are a wonderful way to explore our bodies and experience pleasure in new and interesting ways. A personal favorite of mine is the Melt by We-Vibe...as the suction increases the clit becomes engorged and orgasms are handed out like an Oprah giveaway - YOU GET AN ORGASM! YOU GET AN ORGASM! Seriously, this toy is a game changer.

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