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BnO Back to School Play Party

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Saturday September 23rd, 2017

9:00pm- 2:00am

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ONE PRICE ACCESS to the Playmate, to Club Debauchery and Sweet 300 for the price of a BnO membership ($5 if you don't have one) and your event fee of $25 per person. You would certainly be welcome to purchase your Debauchery membership while there, and encouraged to do so, however for our BnO event, it's not required.

In association with Wicked Wandas and Club Debauchery, BnO presents what will be the first of our regular monthly events. We now have 4500 square feet of play space, on two floors, two separate (more or less) private spaces, one more of a public space.

We will have a back to school themed burlesque and erotic variety show on the main stage for your entertainment while you play and socialize. Our usual and some new play stations will be available, we have:

Our 7 foot 2 inch birdcage which will be suspended
Two St Andrews Crosses
Medical tables,
Multiple Spanking benches
Multiple Massage tables
Whipping Post
Huge Suspension frame
Themed rooms (the office, suspension room, medical room..ect)
Private spaces
Stripper/Dance pole
Glory hole
Private peep booths
One way mirrored room

We also have our private DJ, a snack served at 11, a full service restaurant available all night and a full service bar. We have DMs on all night, and security inside and outside the club. The usual BnO rules apply. They will be posted in the play space and at the door.

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