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Gallery Event with Edmond Leger

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New Gallery Exhibition 

Erotic Art Gallery invites you to the opening of Dreaming of Colours, recent paintings by Edmond Leger. Meet the artist and take in some local culture while viewing these abstract paintings, inspired by the transference of energy throughout the body mind and spirit.

Artist Statement

Edmond Leger is an Ottawa based artist whose work specializes in non-representational painting as well as wood and soapstone sculpture. His body of work, is an exploration of that which is fluid, versus that which is

interrupted, and how they interact to find harmony. With the use of loose handling and expressive gesture, these paintings strive to show movement and a dialogue between voices, while descriptive colour pulls the viewer into a three dimensional space. This multitude of voices, made by colour and shape, then tumble and dance with one another, in a hopeful effort to create a single song. His work can be found in various Canadian private collections.

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