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'Some Like it Hot' New Gallery Show and Reception

Wicked Wanda's Art Ivy Dawn News Ottawa Sensorium Erotic Art Gallery

Our fall exhibition Some Like it Hot, by Ivy Dawn. September 29, 6 - 10 p.m.

Once upon a time in the small town of Hollow Glen, in Chelsea Quebec there was a little girl with big dreams. This little girl went by the name of Ivy Dawn and she had a wonderful, loving and supportive family in which to help her grow and thrive. One of the most predominant and heroic figures in this little girls life was her grandfather, Etienne. He was a skilled artist of many different mediums as well as a graphic designer. The two would spend hours upon hours sketching and coloring together. Thus, her love of the arts and her natural itch to be creative was born and transformed into a passion that would follow her throughout her years. Ivy always looked forward to art classes in school and participated in many extra curricular assignments in high school that led to having a silk sheet print in display in the hallways of her school as well as a pastel drawing published in the school calendar. When she lost her grandfather, the spark and drive to pursue anything in the arts faded a little. She graduated high school at Darcy McGee and went on to a two year social science program at Heritage College from which she graduated with great distinction. After college she felt a little misplaced in the world and was unsure of what to do next. After a year off from school, she stumbled upon the graphic design course at Algonquin College and the spark and drive to be creative was once again lit, but this time brighter than before. Over the next three years in graphic design, Ivy learned many different skills and started to experiment with different mediums in drawing and painting. She discovered her love for acrylic painting, she graduated from graphic design and after a few years of painting she is proud to be opening her first art showing in which she will be displaying many of her pieces.The happily ever after to this story is one in which an artist was able to rediscover her love for the arts and she hopes that sharing this show with the public will bring as much joy to them as it did to her to create it. "Some like it hot" by Ivy Dawn is dedicated to her grandfather, Etienne LaBossiere who sparked something in her that will never die.

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