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Sweet Treat with Perfect Fit... G-Spot Lollipop!

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 Julia's G-Spot Lollipop

By: Julia Muse

My new favorite G-Spot finder, the AVN and 'O' nominated G-Spot Lollipop! The G-Spot Lollipop is a relatively new product designed specifically with G-Spot and squirting orgasms in mind. The large balls ends are made with non-porous, easy-to-clean, colourful acrylic and metal handle is sturdy and durable. Having tried every G-Spot toy imaginable, I have to say that this one is one of the easiest to use and certainly an important addition to the toy collection of any woman looking to locate her G-Spot with the intent of eventual intense and maybe even squirting orgasms!

First things first. With the use of any adult toy, proper warm up and lubrication is required. I consider this toy to be an intermediate to 'sexpert' toy due to the larger circumference of the balls and the rigidity of the materials. That being said, it can be used gently, but I personally would not necessarily recommended for the true beginner in G-Spot or vaginal play. For that, I would go for the Magic Banana which makes a great warm up toy for any more intense play and develops the kegels for greater control.

As a female ejaculation toy, the lollipop is comparable to glass toys in its rigidity but the unique shape is the real advantage of this product. The long stem enables you to easily each the G-Spot solo or with a partner and the second ball gives a good grip for you or your partners hand. If you are into intense and harder strokes, this is certainly the toy for you! I found this toy to also be quite enjoyable when employed during sex for G-Spotpot specific double penetration and it can even be used as an anal toy for women and men. For a quality toy at a reasonable price point, this one has quite a lot of versatility. Due to the long, thin handle, the kegel or rectal muscles can wrap right around the toy for a perfect fit!


 AVN Nominated!

A great kegel pairing for women who are looking to develop their inner vaginal walls with the intent of enjoying longer, more intense and pleasurable sex and solo play would be The Magic Banana (see next weeks review!) and The G-Spot Lollipop. The Magic Banana can be used as a gentle kegel development and G-Spot finder toy, while the Lollipop can be used for more intense and precise G-Spot stimulation and even female ejaculation.

Overall this is a well designed and long lasting product in which the quality matches the price. I highly recommend this toy be added to the collection of anyone looking to step up their G-Spot game or learn how to squirt.

~ Julia Muse


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