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Review - Booty Glove™

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By: Zelda Marshall

First, let's cast aside any notions that masturbation is a last-resort, or reserved for "losers" who will never get laid. Masturbation is quality sex without the added possible hassle or complication of human interaction – it's the ultimate "quickie" for those times when you don't have that much time to blow off a little steam and release some stress.


So a toy which is going to enhance the experience can turn your "quickie" into a "quickier", if you need the extra time savings. And it helps if the toy can be quickly cleaned afterward with just some soap & water!


The Booty Glove will do all that for you. And more than one can play. As the description on the box points out, it "can be enjoyed alone, or with a partner", being useable as well for "erotic massages, relaxing rubdowns, and anywhere you need a helping hand". By all means, use your imagination. And consider adding it to your gift list for that cute couple who you thought had everything.


Furthermore, this wonderful toy is supposed to be perfect "for him or her". Now, not being intersexed, this reviewer can only vouch for one side of that claim, but I also have a word of caution. If you are not accustomed to having soft rubbery materials next to your genitals, when you are "dining alone", then you need to accept the possibility that it might not work the first time. That is okay, give yourself patience, and quality practice time. It's going to feel a little different. But so did a lot of other things that you tried for the first time, right?


And there is nothing wrong with that.


As an added bonus, a small starter tube of lube comes with the Booty Glove. (Remember those battery-operated toys you received as gifts that actually came with batteries included? Same idea here.) The Glove itself is TPR. (Good old Wikipedia tells us that TPR, or Thermo-Plastic Rubber is just one of the products that fall in the class of TPE, or Thermo-Plastic Elastomers. And yes, they also "may be used" in medical devices & sex toys.) So when it comes time to replace the lube, you will want to select a water-based one.


All instructions are printed right on the box–no need to hunt inside for any kind of “owner’s manual, so what you see is what you get!


So there you have it. The key point I want to emphasize with this toy is that “any number can play”. It can be enjoyed solo, or used on willing participants of any sex for sensual rubdowns, etc…. The only limit is your imagination–and I am certainly enjoying contemplating the possibilities with mine.


You can find this toy and others at Wicked Wanda’s Adult Emporium or order it from us online!

Zelda Marshall

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