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Nexus O-Max Reviewed

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OK, THIS is the Nexus-O. Max.

By: Mike Tattersall


Quick Overview

The Nexus 'O' Max is bigger than the Nexus O it has a three ball design that works to stimulate the prostate, provide a secure fit and tickle the perineum. The new hands-free toy is made from phthalate-free, super- soft silicone for added comfort and flexibility.

The Nexus O Max is the “BIG BROTHER” of the Nexus O. The O Max is over twice as large, and is designed for the more advanced prostate stimulation user.

How shall we begin to describe this?

It is a weighty toy.


Do not even try to be the typical guy. Seriously. "O"...M...G!

THIS is INTENSE. The overwhelming sensations that overtake the user/bottom/sub(ject) prove that this apparatus is not for the beginner, because it will be more than they can handle without panic.


Most reviews out there paint it as a huge toy. Are they dilettantes? Bigger cocks than those balls go up the ass with no trouble. That being said, "it ain't the size, it's how you use it." My mind tried hard to wrap itself around the shape. My male anatomy knowledge indicated to me that this would be a very stimulating experience.

So here is how the initial trial run at it went:

I glanced at instructions. "How hard can it be?" I thought. So I began.

Notice, I said “glanced.”

I did note not to use silicone lube for it. Good thing I keep my eyes open for the warnings. Too bad I missed the real meat of the label. If I wore reading glasses, it might have helped. DO NOT BE A TYPICAL GUY.

OK, so I lubed up his ass with the traditional water-based lubricant, manually stimulating blood flow into the region, relaxing muscles and deeper tissue for preparation. Never go too fast! Slow is where it is always at!

Picked up the O Max. Teased and toyed and slid it around, prodding and pushing until he was ready for insertion.

Achieved inserting the first ball into the sub, slowly, slowly... and continued inserting.

Moans of pleasure and intake-gasps of "I'm not quite sure about this but it isn't hurting."

Second ball close... closer... almost nestled against the outer ass, and then resting firmly against it but not inserted. Not this time.

I rested it there for a time. These things cannot be rushed. While it sat there, what happened was this:

Loud appreciative moans and questioning gasps, a mix of like and dislike; I could tell he was having extreme sensations.

Noted to self: this would possibly send a newbie to anal play away faster than a speeding bullet.

After some time, I slowly reversed the pressures of the O Max. As I removed the toy, I was slow enough to be allowing reversed sensations to overwhelm the “tester.” I played with the ball just inside his ass for a while but he was still breathing hard and trying to catch his breath from the intensity.

I removed the ball and massaged the area well with my hands, continuing the tissue stimulation from the outside, which moves blood flow and prevents that “hollow” feeling from continuing in a negative way. Everyone wants to have a satisfactory experience.

Mike Tattersall



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