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Review - G-Vibe 2

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By: Fawn

My first impression: “What the heck is this thing?”

This wacky looking device is unlike any vibrator I have ever seen before. Although it is somewhat phallic, it does not resemble a penis. It doesn't even resemble a butt plug, a tongue (unless forked), a hand, fingers or anything else my lady parts are accustomed to. At this point I'm somewhat confused, but also extremely intrigued.

Luckily, it is now 100% waterproof which facilitates cleaning and allows you to sneak it into the shower or bath. Mega bonus. ;)

Pros: Unique, Smooth, Curiosity Piquer

Cons: Initial confusion, scared of feeling "stretched" due to the expanding double tips.


The G-Vibe 2's packaging is as almost as impressive as the toy itself. The beautifully discreet cover design showcases a stylized passion flower, resembling both the Yoni (vagina) and the peculiar shaped anatomical massager that is the G-Vibe 2. The cover opens vertically and has a magnetic closure, which of course adds to its sleek and modern style.


The highlighted upgrades of Fun Toys' second version of the G-Vibe anatomical massager are:

  • The promise of more power
  • Firmer silicone
  • The ability to use it in the tub or shower
  • 6 vibration modes with 8 speeds

The Basics

The G-Vibe 2's revolutionary engineering design is made of ecologically safe, hypoallergenic, patented premium medical silicone, which is super smooth and firm. Pet owners be forewarned, it is a major hair and lint magnet. 

It consists of a hollow handle, buttons, and a shaft that splits into 2 separate "petals" which are soft, flexible and curve outwards somewhat like a "V". There is a total of 3 powerful yet quiet motors, one in the shaft and one near the tip of each petal. This allows for a large variety of simulation options.

The USB Magnetic charger is a pain in the butt. I had initially plugged the USB end to my computer and the magnetic end to the toy. It was very wobbly and any tiny movement would cause the magnetic charger to disconnect from the G-Vibe. I opted to plug it on a high shelf instead. The battery promises up to 4 hours of playtime on a fully charged battery. Note that initial charging time is minimum 2 hours, I ended up letting it charge overnight to be safe.

My Experience

Now this is where my "homework" got really interesting. Upon seeing these illustrations, I was both amused and very excited! So many possibilities! I will never leave my house again!



Squeezing the two petals together to insert them into myself was a very alien feeling and still needs some getting used to. Once the initial awkwardness passed, I was pleased to feel the separate petals creating a sensation of fullness without any stretching at the entrance. This unfurling option is unique to the G-Vibe 2 design and its shape adapts to each female individually and helps stimulate the G- and P-spot simultaneously. Until a few years ago, I was very clitoral and tended to ignore those spots, especially during masturbation. This play option is my fave because its what makes this toy unique.


Here we have one petal inserted into the vagina and the other one vibrating the clitoris. The vibrations, although diverse, are a bit too surface-buzzy for my liking and a lot of them made me feel like I was sitting on a cell phone. :P The most interesting pattern made each "buzz" travel from one petal to the other, which felt really different and neat. But in the end, I seemed to return to the more typical/stable patterns.



This one feels OK but having to push the petals together the entire time is a downer. I tend to lose focus once I am close to cumming, so this would work a lot easier with a partner.




This deserves a dunce hat. I have small sensitive breasts so I was pretty excited when I saw this as a possibility. However, it turned out to be ridiculously impossible. I guess if I had bigger boobies I could squeeze them close together and somehow make it happen but the shear effort needed to achieve this turns me off. Don't waste your time.


The verdict

In conclusion, the new is unique, innovative and fun, but it fell short as a solo toy, at least for me. It is good for clit teasing but the feature that really sets it apart from other vibes is the simulation of G and P spots simultaneously. This allows primarily clitoral women like myself reach different types of orgasms much easier.

Regarding the upgraded motors (from 2 motors in the original to 3 in the G-Vibe 2), I expected the vibrations to be stronger (or rumblier, if you will). To be fair, I'm a bit of a power queen, so if you're sensitive to vibrations, this might not be a problem for you. Personally, I would love to see a stronger motor introduced to the next version. #hopeful

 The vibrations sounds are pretty quiet, even on the most intense settings. It is wonderful if you want to be discreet about your naughty practices ;) I doubt anyone would hear it from the other side of a closed door, especially from the shower with the water running.

Unfortunately, some of the suggested techniques illustrated in the booklet seemed, in my experience, awkward and/or unsuccessful, but those that worked well... worked really well. ;)




Disclaimer: Wicked Wanda's Adult Emporium provided Fawn with this toy in exchange for an honest review.

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