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Bioglide Lubricant Reviewed

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By: Jean Samick

Lubes can carry a certain stigma about them. The smell, the stickiness and the clean up are all undesirable traits, and others contain chemicals that can break some sex toys down. Luckily, companies like JoyDivision work diligently to fix all of these problems. In addition to being vegan and all natural, Bioglide does not test on animals and is toy friendly- what’s not to love?

Their lube Bioglide is 100% natural and vegan, in addition to being dermatologically and clinically tested. It’s packaging boasts being “natural lubricant’ and it’s about as close to being a bodily fluid as I’ve ever seen from a lube. It has zero smell, and I mean it doesn’t even have that slightly plastically “lube’ smell. Sure, you can buy it in flavours that will have a scent to them, but the base model Bioglide is pretty scent-free. The same goes for taste; the basic Bioglide has a slightly sweet taste but barely noticeable, making it a great lubricant if you and your partner flip between oral and intercourse. It’s greaseless and doesn’t stain panties or bedsheets, and is free of harmful parabens. The best thing about this lube is it’s slick when you want it to be, and is easily washed away or absorbed into the skin afterwards. It’s almost better for cleanup than actual bodily fluids.

My criticisms of this lube are few. It has a shelf-life typical of all natural products, but compared to other brands like Wet that have a shelf-life of about a year it’s kind of short. The back of any packaging will have a little container with a number on it like 6, 12 or 24 that defines how long it has from the time you open it until it goes bad. The bottle will also have an expiration date in months and years like condoms to tell you when the chemical composition will go off, even if you haven’t broken the seal. All-natural products don’t tend to have preservatives, so you may want to start with the small bottle if you use lube sparingly to ensure it doesn’t go to waste.

My only other criticism is the way the company brands its products. They sell a type of Bioglide called “Safe with Carrageen’ that boasts preventing cervical cancer by harnessing the power of red algae to stop the transmission of HPV virus strains. They link to a study that fully states no clinical research has been done to see whether the compounds in the lube are a direct inhibitor against the virus, just that the Carrageen compound itself has been shown to block transmission in some cases.

I’m iffy on brands that have misleading branding, but nonetheless this might be the best lube I’ve ever used. It is so close to natural bodily lubrication that your partner may not even know you’re using it, making it a great lube for women experiencing vaginal dryness as they gracefully age. Check out their website to see the other types available, like their anal lube, and have some fun!

Jean Samick

Found both in store and online!

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