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Review - JoyBalls - Kegel Fun!

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By: Titania J

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As I sit here JoyBalls in… erm, well, shall we say, metaphorical hand and research completed, I find it integral to state just how important these somewhat neglected muscles are to us women and what strengthening them can do for us.

Kegel muscles help to support the bladder, womb, small intestines and rectum and without sufficient Kegel strength women can have problems with bladder and bowel control, during child delivery and recovering from childbirth as well as achieving orgasms more easily, frequently and intensely.

As a sex, women are well renowned for taking care of our bodies. We exercise to keep our bodies in shape, trim our hair to stave away dead ends and prep and prime our skin to keep it healthy and youthful but what about those organs that isn’t on full display. Sure we wax, trim and/or shape our public hair but there is little emphasis put on actually keeping our sexual organs strong and healthy. That's where Kegel exercisers such as JoyBalls come in. By simply exercising those muscles on a regular basis woman cannot only help prevent bladder issues and improve any current bladder problems but also ensure easier child birthing and recovery, and enhance sexual pleasure.

On first glance the JoyBalls are sleek and unassuming and upon opening come with a charming little hygienic bag in which to store your new toy. They come in a variety of colours and they claim the design allows for easy cleaning and insertion and removal… so let’s find out!

JoyBalls are made from Silkomed material and are skin-friendly, hypoallergenic and dermatological and clinically tested. So no problems if like me your vagina can be somewhat sensitive to foreign materials. This product is also compatible with water-based and silicone lubricants depending on your own personal preference. Using water-based lubricant I found the insertion slightly foreign but not what I would call difficult. By the second or third time it becomes as easy as 1-2-3. However, the balls are sizeable and a lubricant of choice is definitely recommended.

Once inserted you can simply go about your daily schedule as normal. The company recommends wearing the balls inserted for around ten minutes and working your way up from there. However, being physically fit myself, I found I had no problems doing other activities for longer time frames such as cleaning the house, walking the dog or simply doing other Kegel muscle exercises while the balls stay inserted.

You can also use the balls as, shall we say, a bit of a warm up for sex. The 'trampoline' design of the JoyBalls (having smaller metal balls of assorted sizes inserted within the larger eggs) ensures a 'jiggily' movement from within, providing not only a subtle sexual stimulation but also ensuring that your Kegel muscles work harder contracting in reaction to the inner movement. Definitely something to help put you in the mood for a steamy session with your partner. Along with the added bonus of exercising your inner muscles, helping you work towards more frequent, intense orgasms for yourself. Bonuses on top of bonuses…

JoyBalls have been particularly well designed in concern of toy removal. The subtle removal loop located at the end of the toy is designed towards discretion and comfortability and sits just inside of your vagina when the JoyBalls are inserted. When removing your toy simply insert a finger and hook it through the removal loop of your toy and slowly draw out the balls. This for me is a particularly good selling point of the JoyBalls. Other Kegel balls and Ben Wa products can scare off anyone worried about discretion and removal with either no removal loops or longer drawn out strings that hang on the outer side of the vagina somewhat like a tampon string. Not sure about you but worrying about removal or thinking about tampons is not what I want running through my head when exercising my Kegels or getting in the mood for sex.

The sleek, 100% waterproof design of the toy also ensures easy cleaning, with warm water and a gentle soap or toy cleaner.

Overall, I would say the JoyBalls are a great product for anyone starting out with Kegel muscle training. The design of the toy is subtle, unintimidating and the easy removal loop will put many beginners minds at rest considering toy removal. While the 'trampoline' effect allows for a pleasant side effect and ability to integrate your partner into the fun whilst working towards strengthening your muscles whether for medical or personal reasons.

However, I must say that for me and anyone out there who has already done some Kegel muscle training or had Kegel or Ben Wa balls previously this product may not increase your pelvic floor strength any further. JoyBalls are enough of a fulfilling size and light compared to many of the Ben Wa ball products so that those with an already developed Kegel strength may not be challenged enough. That said the 'trampoline' effect and easy removal would still provide enough of a playful enjoyment if you wanted to use the toy as a warm up implement with a partner.

Titania J

Find our selection of Joyballs and other kegel toys in-store Today!

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