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Review- Jack Rabbit

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By: Titania J

As every other girl, I had heard of the iconic Rabbit vibrator but, due to a lack of willingness to part with what seemed like a moderate to large cash sum on a toy design I was slightly unconvinced of, I had never had the opportunity to see what all the 'buzz' was about... until now.

The Rabbit vibrator (along with his since extinct friends the beaver, kangaroo and turtle) was brought into production in 1983 in Japan and avoided strict anti-sex-toy-production laws with its friendly, colourful animal designs. It originated and was introduced into the market using the concept of dual-action pleasure, along with the revolutionary internal rotating pearls ensured extremely strong initial sales of the toy. This continued to skyrocket after the progressive incorporation of the battery pack within the base of the toy rather than an as attached entity.

However, it wasn't until 1998, when the Rabbit met and became an object of obsession for famous Sex in the City character Charlotte that the toy became the icon it is today. After its TV debut the Rabbit became, to women all over the globe, as coveted as Carrie's Manolos. The celebrity adoration and endorsement continued with Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria mentioning her love of the product and Oprah calling the product the Rolls Royce of Sex Toys. Like anything the famous Oprah endorses, the Rabbit was ensured status and success worldwide. This consistent publicity of the toy design has created an influx of copycat Rabbits and other dual action vibrators as the industry has continuously tried to capitalize on demand and celebrity endorsement. As a consequence, since the products initial production the types and models of the toy have multiplied, well, like rabbits.

For my first experience I decided to try out one of the Jack Rabbit versions from California Exotics; the petite thrusting model. The vibe was cute, glittery and I found the petite version to be slightly less intimidating for my first Rabbit, plus I admit to being somewhat intrigued by the thrusting function.

This specific model offers ten functions of vibration, pulsation and escalation (for clitoral stimulation) and four patterns of synchronizing rotating and thrusting action (for the main shaft). For any of you out there trying this for the first time, I applaud/urge you to familiarize yourself with the various functions and instructions before trying out the toy. A rookie error I made, which lead to a lot of stopping and starting, not really what you want when attempting to have a pleasurable experience.

This particular product is waterproof which means the vibe is usable in the shower and allows easy cleaning. The Jack Rabbit is made from the soft jelly like material TPR which means either a toy cleaner or a gentle combination of water and soap can be used to clean it. It is latex free, hypoallergenic and non-toxic; however, the material can be slightly porous so it is advisable to use the vibe with a lubricant, advisably water-based, as silicone lubricants can be difficult to wash off the absorptive material.

California Exotics claims this specific Rabbit to be 'petite,' although that is not exactly the description I would give to the vibe being 9.4 inches in length (4.5 of which is insertable) and with a 4.5 inch circumference. For me it was just the right size for a vibrator and the near realistic feeling of the thrusting action with the added benefit of the rotating beads were, well, orgasmic- that is without taking into account the ears that gives the Rabbit its namesake. Before use, I thought the ears of the Rabbit clitoral stimulator seemed flimsy and was unconvinced to their pleasuring ability.... boy was I wrong! The rabbit nestles itself right into the clitoral area perfectly and the vibrations travel down the ears of the clitoral stimulator delectably. This second dimension to the vibrator certainly earns the hype the toy has created over the years.

Overall, I was extremely well 'satisfied' with this version of the Jack Rabbit. The rotating pearls and clitoral stimulation, along with the thrusting action of this toy, are comparable to adding bells and whistles to real penetrative sex. In my eyes, well worth the slightly higher price tag that's comparable to more basic vibes. And honestly, I think the company has to keep its prices up on such products to ensure men don't completely become obsolete. As a total Sex in the City girl, I can now understand Charlotte's fixation with her first Rabbit and to quote Miranda- the original Rabbit publicist, "It's not my first vibrator, it is the ultimate vibrator. And I think I'm in love."

Note: For those of you out there worried about the noise level of your vibrator the multi-functionality of the vibe does carry with it some sound. However, behind closed doors the sound of the toy is non-detectable. And if you’re still slightly paranoid, you can always go test out the waterproof capacity of the toy in your shower. Have fun.

Titania J

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