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Blossom Organic Lubricant Reviewed

Wicked Wanda's Blossom Organic Lubricant Lube Lubricant sexpert Titania J Wicked Wanda's Women

By: Titania J

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I have always opted for water-based lubes, knowing them to be considered more body safe than their silicone counterparts. However, there are a few things to consider when choosing a water-based lube. I'm a pretty health-conscious girl in general especially with what I put on and into my body, and with lubes, it's no different.

One would assume that water-based lubricants, manufactured for genital application and sexual intercourse would contain only ingredients considered safe for those uses. Surprisingly, a lot of water-based lubricants on the market have parabens, alcohol and glycerin listed in their ingredients, all of which carry direct health concerns, particularly for women. Parabens are found frequently in breast tumors, and some parabens can mimic estrogen and/or may react to UVB leading to DNA damage and increased skin aging, while alcohols and glycerins can cause vaginal dryness and can lead to yeast and/or bacterial infections, none of which anyone wants! However, this shouldn't scare you off using lubricants all together, there are a few good brands out there dedicated to producing body-safe lubricants that don't contain any harsh, harmful chemicals. Blossom Organics is just one such company.

Blossom Organics' Natural Moisturizing Lubricant was specifically created by the company to mimic a woman's natural body chemistry and pH level, reducing any health risks such as yeast/bacterial infections. The company ensures that this water based lubricant is made from 100% natural, organic, vegan ingredients and is free of all parabens, petroleum, silicone, alcohol, artificial dyes and fragrances. As a bonus, the company Blossom Organic' also raises money for and aids several breast cancer awareness events and charities. So I'm sold on the company and the ingredients but what about the important part, what about performance? It's all well and good having a naturally, organic lubricant made by an ethical company but what if it doesn't hold up in the bedroom?

I was skeptical that something so good on paper could translate to something good in real life, but I suppose that's more to do with my experience with guys and a topic for another day. However, Blossom Organics defied my skepticism, when it comes to lube at least.

I picked up the 30ml bottle of Blossom Organics’ Natural Moisturizing Lubricant at Wicked Wanda's, the perfect sized bottle for someone who travels as much as I do, sometimes only with liquid restricted hand luggage. It's also a size that doesn't make you wonder "how the heck am I possibly going to get through that much lube?" I tested the lubricant during masturbation, with toys and during intercourse. It is compatible with natural rubber latex and polyisoprene condoms and all sex toy materials. For a water-based lubricant a little went a long way and lasted the time test without reapplication, not soaking into the body too quickly. The aloe base of the product ensures a natural feel and is moisturizing to the applied area. It has a light consistency and is not sticky like a few other water based lubricants I've tried, and it does not stain the sheets! Another bonus is the lack of smell of the lubricant and the barely there, slightly sweet taste, making it perfect for going from oral sex to intercourse or vice versa.

The only downside with this lubricant is that it may not be a thick enough consistency for anal sex. For light anal play this lubricant would probably work but for heavier play and actual anal intercourse I would suggest a thicker lubricant due to the fact the area has a lack of natural lubrication. Overall however, it was a fantastically versatile lubricant and I'm thrilled that something with such a great performance review comes from an ethical company using wholesome, natural ingredients that are so compatible with a woman's sexual organs. I will most certainly be purchasing a few extra bottles for friends and recommending it all round.

By: Titania J

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