The Magic Banana Reviewed

By: Titania J

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The Magic Banana. On first look it seems like the furthest thing away from a sex toy or Kegel training device, more like a bike lock or a miniature version of a Pilates band. But a sex toy and Kegel training device is what it is; coined a self-exploration tool by its designer and creator, yoga educator, Janeson Rayne.

Designed in Canada and manufactured in the UK this product is manufactured ethically with 100% body-safe, medical grade components and materials. Thirty years of research went in to creating this sexual exploration tool. The banana has been designed and crafted to conform to the inner contours of a woman's body, which, probably like me you assumed to be shaped similar to a phallic mold. In which case, why is the banana shaped like a bike lock? Well, as it turns out, the inner workings of a woman are more similarly shaped to a cul-de-sac, hence the shape of this multi-functional toy. Which kind of makes you think... who's been designing these phallic shaped objects supposedly manufactured for a woman's pleasure?? Men?? The banana is attempting to break the mould when it comes to women's sex toys and genital well-being, designed by a woman for women, with the ability not only to provide sexual satisfaction and g-spot exploration but also develop and/or rehabilitate Kegel and pelvic floor muscles.

So how exactly does one use an object that looks similar to a bike lock as a sexual exploration tool?

Begin with the banana in a concave, smiling direction with the tip facing up towards the belly button. Using the black end as a handle, gently squeeze the loop together before inserting. A water-based lubricant is recommended to aid with insertion and for cleaning afterwards a simple combination of gentle soap and warm water or a basic toy cleaner will work.

So my first interaction with the banana was to attempt to use the tool for Kegel exercising. Developing Kegel muscles can have an astonishing effect on a woman's sexual well-being, helping in preparation for and in the recovery of child birth, the release of lower back pain and in the recovery from and prevention of incontinence as well as the improvement of orgasms. The Magic Banana can be used in two separate ways to develop Kegel muscles – automatic and non-automatic. For women with lesser pelvic floor and Kegel strength and/or less experience with Kegel exercising I would recommend starting with automatic Kegels: start by inserting the banana as explained above and slowly move the banana in an in-out motion. As you move the banana in this motion the band will automatically push out onto the inner wall of your vagina facilitating automatic muscle contraction and release. In time you will learn how to manÒuvre these automatic contractions into purposeful ones. The non-automatic Kegels are slightly harder to master, but I implore you to commit some time to getting a hang on them: insert the banana and use your lower abs and Kegel strength to squeeze and release without holding onto the banana. As you contract the muscles against the band you will notice the band move inward and as you release the band will automatically expand inching its way outward and in reaction your body will feel the need to contract once again, forming a rhythm. As you get more skilled at this (and trust me it is a skill) you can start to work on the wider parts of the loop.

As you can guess, moving an object shaped to fit your inner self in a sexual rhythm does indeed come with perks other than muscular strengthening and does provide a certain degree of bonus pleasure – much more than expected from such an oddly shaped toy. The smiling orientation of the banana provides the perfect shape for g-spot exploration. And girls, for any of you out there struggling with g-spot orgasms this toy is for you! The g-spot is located about two inches inside the vagina and using the banana in a smiling direction facing up towards your belly button, learn to explore the rhythms and motions that you enjoy and your g-spot reacts to. And, for a handy tip, try using it with some clitoral stimulation like a bullet vibe – I promise you an orgasm like no other!

Using the Magic Banana with a bullet vibe, for a body shaking g-spot orgasm, after doing my Kegels, is my favorite way to use the toy and puts a happy ending onto my lazy girl work out. Personally I've never been so motivated to orgasss... mmm, I mean do my Kegels. At first, you'll feel like you've done a full lower abdominal work out the day after. The banana seems to have a knack of taking the guess work out of Kegel exercising, prompting automatic isolation of the muscles. In fact the banana is so good at developing Kegel strength that it has proved extremely effective in reversing female incontinence and as I cannot stress enough, giving women the ability to achieve full g-spot orgasms!

Overall, I'm completely sold on the very magic banana and I'm not the only one, it seems that this magical little tool is growing and growing in popularity, achieving publicity and endorsements from Glamour and Shape magazine and both Ricki Lake and even Oprah (which of course means it's going to be an instant hit). The only down side to the toy, other than the lack of a case or fruit basket to keep it in, seems to be the time it takes to get used to a toy so alien looking. But trust me girls, it is so worth it! I promise! And if I've learnt anything from testing this product it is that not every girl needs a someone, but every girl needs a Magic Banana.

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Titania J