Crave's Vesper Vibe Reviewed

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The Vesper is an elegant and rechargeable toy that can be worn as a pendant necklace (with benefits!) – made from stainless steel, the Vesper looks like a luxurious piece of jewelry and is available in silver, rose gold and 24K gold

To be honest when I ordered my Vesper I was not entirely convinced the necklace would give me the power I need to get off. To my delight, I was very, very wrong! The Vesper delivers deep toe curling vibrations and the motor actually heats up the entire vibe, the warm steel quickly became one of my favorite features of this vibrator. Fashion and sex really do cum together with this toy. I LOVE wearing my Vesper out to dinner, a little sexy secret around your neck. 





Vesper is made of stainless steel that means it is non-porous, so may use any kind of lubricant (if desired) and it is very easy to clean. The charging system is user-friendly and the Vesper has a long battery life but dies unexpectedly, so keep your charger near. It is splash proof and water-resistant, not water-proof!  

I am so happy with my Vesper. This toy is really a wonderful addition to any toy chest or jewelry box ;)    

1 comment

  • Wicked Wanda

    I love this product. It’s a beautiful gift. Strong and elegant.
    I’m mentioning it as I am a fan of this discreet powerful necklace and refrain from giving my personal experiences.
    This makes going for dinner a new delight ;)

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