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Hathor Aphrodisia Lube- Reviewed

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Customer Review by Margeurite

You know when you have an utterly dreadful day and all you want to do is go home and succumb to the alluring call of wine, yoga pants, and Netflix? That was my Friday last week.

Get home; no wine. Call the Man; need an emergency wine and pizza delivery please and thank you! A couple hours later, a bottle of wine, cuddle therapy and almost an entire extra large pizza; I am feeling like myself again. The Man and I have been dabbling in the new (to us) and exciting world of anal toys and play lately, Friday night at home, after a highly stressful day, seems like the perfect opportunity to relax and explore.

I have never been a big lube fan, I’ve had many bad experiences where it just seems to dry up and you’re constantly needing more, or it is so watery that it just seems to get all over me, my partner, the bed, the wall, the lap, the door knob? What the…Yeah, I have never been a big fan. But, when you are starting with anal toys, lube is an absolute must. We’d been getting on alright with this brand the Man had, nothing fantastic, but at least it didn’t seem to take on a life of its own much like Robin Williams little green goo buddy, Flubber.

This night we tried Hathor Aphrodisia Pure, an eco-friendly vegan water-based lubricant that boasts the ingredient Horny Goat Weed. At first glance the colour of the bottle could be mistaken for my tanning lotion (and the Man did ask if I’d grabbed the wrong bottle at first), however the bottle itself is a classic flip cap and squeeze design that can be easily maneuvered by one hand (because lets be honest, this is an essential thing as sometimes one hand is all that can be spared).Cute art work pair with easy to read labelling made it all the more appealing to my man who likes to read the fine print on everything before he uses it. The Non-Fragrant line was his favourite part.

We both liked the immediate feel of this product! As said before, we’ve had troubles in the past, but the Man commented right off that it is easy to spread, and doesn’t run through your fingers much like trying to hold water in your hands and it also didn’t feel like it could glue your fingers together.

After a bit of warming up, time to break out the toys and have some fun. Our small collection has a couple different toys made of different materials; some silicone, one glass and one metal. Since we were testing out our new lube, throughout the night we decided to play with all three. This lube very smoothly inserted itself into our fun, with positive on the spot reviews, sometimes we didn’t even have words to describe it! It worked beautifully with the silicone and glass, and even made me warm up to the metal as well, which previously I had reservations about whether it’d be staying in the regular line up. There’s always a need for reapplication when you’re playing however I did not find we were doing it excessively so. I had my concerns about the sizing of the bottle and it running out quickly with previously experienced unending reapplication needs, however all those have gone out the window.

Who likes condoms? I know we don’t, but due to unexpected complications in life they have returned as a temporary part of our sex life (kind of feels like starting to date all over again). The Man detests the smell of condom lube, so we use lube free condoms and add the lube as needed. He was excited to try the Hathor Aphrodisia Pure with the condom, and happily satisfied with the results (as was I). We both felt comfortably lubricated; No slip and slide like results, but no dry deserts either, perfectly in between.

Then, after all is said and done, we have the clean up. This lube made what was previously a tedious, and lengthily task into a quick, no muss, no fuss action. It cleaned off all toys easily without extensive work. It also washed off all body parts nicely, with both water and baby wipes. In the past, I have felt like I almost needed to scrub off a layer of skin to feel clean again after using lube, but this time I was able to clean up easily and return to the comfort of my Man and bed in a timely manor.

Needless to say, Hathor Aphrodisia Pure will be taking the place of our previous “meh” lube. It was great to finally have an enjoyable experience with a lube product and not have to dread the clean up afterwards (or during in some cases). The bottle says “all you need is love”, but I think a good lube never hurts too.

This review was done in exchange for product through Wicked Wanda's Adult Emporium. Thank you to our fantastic customer reviewer for this piece! 

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