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How to Have a G-Spot Orgasm

How to Have a G-Spot Orgasm

If you’ve heard people with vaginas gush –some pun intended –about how they had the most amazing orgasm ever after stimulating their G-spot during self-pleasuring or sex and you want one too, worry not –we have step by step instructions on how to help get you there!

What is the G-spot? It is a dime-sized spot inside the vaginal cavity on the anterior wall (front wall) named after the Doctor who discovered it,Ernst Gräfenberg. This orgasm can yield between one to three quarts of liquid and a release unlike any other when properly stimulated. We like to call it the GREAT spot and even if you don’t achieve this orgasm right away, the homework is loads of fun and worth the time spent trying to have one. So let’s get started...! 

Step 1 -Believe:One of the most common reasons you cannot achieve orgasm is because you are not able to keep your mind focused on the sensation and the inevitable release required to allow your body to let go and feel pleasure. Your orgasm is not just linked directly to stimulation as it also requires mental focus. That means not thinking about your daily tasks during the act itself, worrying about what a text means or other distracting thoughts. When you are in the moment, stay in that moment. Play images of what entices you like a movie in your mind and stay focused on the sensations your body is giving you. Above all things, believe you can achieve a sensational orgasm and let it happen.

Step 2 -Relax:You have enough on the go. When you’re spending time with yourself or your lover, BE in that moment and relax into it. Even if it is a quickie and you’re squeezing one off between meetings or family gatherings, give in to the time you’ve set aside for pleasure and really feel everything as it happens.

Step 3 -Find it:To find the G-spot, you’ll need to insert a finger (or toy*) into the vaginal cavity and press up against the front wall. Some find putting a bit of pressure on their lower abdomen can help them feel the wall better. Begin by gently feeling the cavity wall with your finger tip (the middle finger you use when driving is the best one to reach this spot as it is the longest). As you caress the wall feel for a dime-sized ridge that doesn’t feel like the rest of the wall. You’ll know you’ve found it when the urge to urinate happens. Don’t worry about peeing because when you’ve found that spot, you’re there!

Step 4 -Come here: Once you’ve found the spot, continue to tickle it with by crooking your finger in a “come here” motion. You know that enticing wave of the finger that you do when you want someone to come to you, that’s the one! Pro tip: Don’t actually say, “Come here, come here” when you do it or someone may burst into your room thinking you’re calling them Unless of course that was your intention all along.

Step 5 -Stimulate the spot:After a few minutes that dime-sized nub will swell to the size of a quarter and you’ll feel the urge to pee. Don’t worry, you won’t urinate on yourself. Your body automatically shuts down the blood flow to the urethra from the kidneys so continue to stimulate the spot. Many will find that stimulating this spot along with clitoral stimulation provides the magic combo to get you to the point of release. Many toys are specifically designed to stimulate these spots at the same time so that you can keep your mind on your sexy thoughts and let your body give in to the pleasure of the sensation.

Step 6-Release:When the G-spot is properly stimulated and you reach orgasm, the release will be between one to three quarts of odorless, colourless liquid that will leave you needing to change the sheets and smiling from ear to ear!

You may be asking, why bother with a G-spot orgasm? To that we say, why not?! It’s your body and you need to know it better than anyone else. So lie back, relax, breathe and explore. What waits for you on the other side of the G-spot orgasm is nothing short of bliss and beautiful release. Awaken your Wicked!

*Our Top G-Spot Toy Recommendations:

Pure Wand by NjoyPure Wand by Njoy: You’ll love the silky smooth texture of stainless steel against your soft bits. This toy glides inside with ease and the bulbous knob knows where the treasures are hidden.The long handle and easy hold makes it perfect for those with joint pain or flexibility issues.


Rave by We-Vibe: Is it the sleek design, the sensual feel or the ten plus speeds? It’s all of them! This sling is just the thing to make your G-spot sing! The toy is quiet and discreet so the only sounds anyone will hear are your moans of pleasure!   


Charming Smile by Satisfyer
: What curls your lips more than a waterproof toy? The handle design makes it not only easy to use solo but also allows you to literally hand the controls over to your partner.Take an extra long shower and let the good times literally floooow!Twelve different speeds ensure that you will find just the right vibe for you. The only issue explaining why you can’t wipe that giant smile off your face the next day at work.


Hippo by Satisfyer: This Hippo is hungry for satisfaction your satisfaction! Put his big round head to work at stimulating your G-spot using the speed of your dreams. You have twelve to choose from! The handle makes it easy for self-pleasure or for someone else to use on you. You’ll love the easy grip(po) of this vibrating Hippo



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