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Le Wand Review

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By: Lilith 
Anyone who has read my blogs over the years know that I’m a wand gal. Power hungry with a clit of steel, little bullets just don’t cut it anymore for me. This all started when the (formally named) Hitachi Magic Wand was introduced into my life and my neighbors haven’t gotten a silent night sleep since. The ability to vibrate the whole vulva rather than just the clit is what really makes wand toys special in their own respect, regardless that everyone and their crazy aunt have tried making their own version. The Magic Wand has been legendary for 30 years for a reason and there are countless knockoffs.


Just as I’m a wand girl and silicone lover, I also only buy rechargeable toys now. It is just simply worth your money to invest in the long-term. I’ve been using the Magic Wand Rechargeable (see review here) for almost 2 years and damn was I rough on that baby. I do love my Magic Wand but I killed it with my clit. By this I mean that from the pressure on the head of the wand on a consistent basis, the connection from head through the neck to motor started to erode. This meant that I had to be careful about how hard and what angle I pressed or the toy would turn off. This reality is both hilarious and deeply saddening until I found le Wand.

Note: Don’t buy Magic Wands online unless you super trust the source! If you can help it, go into a store and pick up the wand. It should be heavy, if it is lightweight—it is a ripe-off and total waste of your money! This goes for buying toys at trade shows or sex toy events.

Le Wand stats:

- Super long battery: 3 hours to charge and 3 hours of play

- A stupid amount of vibrations: advertising 30 total vibrations and patterns

- Handy travel lock: though traveling with a wand this size seems unrealistic…

- Comes with a cute carrying case: for massive vibes… on the go?

- Silicone head: less abrasive then rubber heads (Original Magic Wand)

- 1 year warranty

- Flexible Neck!

This wand is for the experienced user who is tired of replacing their Original Magic Wand or Rechargeable Magic Wand but don’t want something lacking power. It is always great having a cordless option and I love that this wand can take as much pressure on the head as I want to enjoy whereas my other one burnt out on me. I also really like the attachments available, especially the insertable ones because they are just better quality then other wand attachments and wonderfully shaped.


1. This wand is loud! Much louder than the Magic Wands, le Wand can be distractingly buzzy and is not meant for quiet play with roommates in the bedroom beside you.

2. They say there are 30 settings but I only found about 3 constant and then a bunch of pulsating.

3. The travel lock and case are really not necessary and add to the exorbitant price tag.

4. When charging, you cannot use le Wand like you can with the Rechargeable Magic Wand.

5. Sadly, there is still no waterproof wands with real power on the market, including le Wand.



- This puppy is powerful and gets the job done. Can compete with any of the best wands.

- The silicone head and the attachments are great. Even the sleeve that comes with le Wand is a great addition to the wand because it gives a little extra friction in the way you want rather than burning off your clit.

- I can trust that my clit won’t break this toy and sadly I can’t trust other wands that are equally powerful in this way.

- It’s a classy looking toy. Makes me feel sexy and mature.


I would absolutely recommend this toy for those who are advanced wand users who love having the ability to put as much pressure on the head and neck of the toy as you want without worrying about breaking the toy. It is a steep price tag but ultimately it is all about the longevity of the toy and the quality of the materials used.


If you are not a super hard pressure wand user or want to try out wands for the first time, I would recommend sticking with the Rechargeable Magic Wand because the price is a little more realistic and it has all the features you’d actually use and none of the extras that you won’t need.

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