Menstrual Cups are Awesome! Fun Cup Review

By: Lilith

While a lot of people question why a sex store would have menstrual cups, I think the more important question is why wouldn’t it? The sex stores of today, like Wicked Wanda’s, isn’t just about getting your rocks off anymore but is also about health and socially conscious consumerism and the growing trend of menstrual cups is absolutely a part of that.

I switched to using a Diva Cup (kind of menstrual cup) over a year ago and it was a massive difference in a lot of ways. I used to use tampons which was expensive and terrible for my vaginal health. I’d be really dry and often irritated using tampons. My body would usually take at least a day after my period to get back to it’s normal moist self and god it sucked having to always have tampons on me. Oh and tampons and pads are so bad for the environment! All of that packaging and chemically treated

At first when I was thinking of switching to a cup, the price of them got me second guessing it: $50 and up seemed like a lot. Check out’s breakdown of the costs! You spend thousands on tampons and pads over a lifetime and only just over $140 on cups because your cup can last anywhere from 2-5 years of use!

I was also worried about being able to empty my cup in public washrooms and how messy it would be. Guess what, periods can be messy and using a cup or a tampon doesn’t change that. That is what soap and water is for. So you can keep your cup in for up to 12 hours with absolutely no risk to your body or having your cup overflow. So the likelihood you can’t get to a single stall bathroom or home by then is pretty unlikely! I never have a problem with finding a place I can empty my cup. Hell, the average workday is 8 hours, that gives you 4 hours to find somewhere that you feel comfortable dumping your bloody goop into.

Pro-tip: Often when people note that they’ve had leaks using a cup, it’s because they did not adequately get the cup to create a seal in the vagina. My tip is to sit down on the toilet to insert and remove, and when you insert it in, push around the edge of the cup to let the excess air out. You’ll get a adorable little fart noise. Feel around the bottom of the cup to make sure that it has popped open all the way around and some people like to give it a little twist to make the seal really secure.

So I loved the Diva Cup for a super long time and I’m 100% converted to the menstrual cup life but I didn’t really know there was other options for the longest time. Kinda like how Kleenex is just a brand and not actually the name of the product (facial tissues). The Diva Cup has become synonymous with the product. My only complaints with the Diva Cup was that the rings around the bottom were quite abrasive at times and that it was a little bigger then I really needed it to be so I couldn’t poop with it in. So every time, I had to take it out and reinsert for pooping, which was annoying. It’s also clear in colour so even though it is totally clean and good to use, your body will stain it a little overtime so it doesn’t look very cute or clean.

So I was really excited when i saw that one of my absolutely favorite brands Fun Factory had come out with their own menstrual cups (see my review on their Magnum dildo HERE). This company is well known for their fantastic products and very high quality materials and the Fun Cup is no different! I love it! First, it is probably the cutest menstrual cup I've ever seen, it looks like a little gnome hat in awesome colours that are not transparent. It is a beautiful soft medical silicone with no weird ridges that irritate my vaginal opening. It comes with 2 cups instead of just the one for a comparable price to the Diva Cup. The little booklet it comes with is very thorough and delightful to read with lots of great tips and colourful pictures. Like the Diva Cup there is 2 different sizes you can get and the Size A (which is what I have) is perfect for people who have not had children and who are not especially heavy regularly. Though what's great about cups is that if you make sure that seal is real good then it doesn’t matter how heavy your flow is because it can’t overwhelm the cup.

Since you’ve gotten this far and you haven’t gotten grossed out by all of the TMI, the Fun Cup lets me poop with it in without pushing it out!! This is super exciting for me as the cup just flows with my body and stays nicely tucked up there. It’s also great for having in during oral because it doesn’t have a weird stem like the Diva Cup so your partner can actually get up in there with the tongue and still not have to worry about a bloody mess.

By fair, the Fun Cup is the most comfortable menstrual cup i’ve ever used. It’s awesome for sexy times and just living your life. I don’t even feel it at all while it’s in. No doubt like any menstrual cup or product for that matter, it takes time to get used to it and this product might not work for you for a variety of reasons but it works super well for me. My vagina is so much healthier and happier. I don’t feel uncomfortable enjoying sexy times anymore with it in. I feel confident that I won’t have any leaks, to the point where I will regularly go without underwear while on my period. I have saved hundreds of dollars and have spent less than $100 on cups. Even though Fun Factory gives you two cups in a pack, you don’t need it unless you want to keep one at your partner’s place or in your purse or save it for 5 years down the road. I’ll be giving the other one to my friend who is a traveler because it can be so hard to find tampons around the world that are the same as you would find in Canada and culturally it can be a little taboo looking for them or using them.

I have found literally nothing to complain about for Fun Factory’s Fun Cups. Maybe the price but you’ve paid it off within 2-3 months of not having to buy tampons and pads and they last up to 5 years. Hell, you can boil the cups if you really want too though soap and water works just fine.

I felt like a feminist superhero after I converted to menstrual cups because I took charge of my body’s health, saved money and helped the environment. I’m not sticking poisonous sticks of bleach into my vagina anymore and I’m not walking around with a diaper on. While I have lots of different, fancy sex toys, this is one of the best products i’ve bought for my vagina, period.

Buy your Fun Cup Today: HERE