Vector By We-Vibe: Rechargeable Prostate Toy

Today I met a new man and his name is Vector. He’s into the tech world and nerdy-sex, so naturally he works for We-Vibe. Alright, Vector is my new prostate toy and like any new relationship I am excited to tell you all about him.

A little about myself; I am a trans woman who is comfortable in her body. Let’s just preface with saying I have not been a huge fan of things going up my butt. Years ago I had an unpleasant experience involving a hard vibrating plastic dildo and it turned me off all toys.

Vector is designed to fit your body; the head of the toy is completely adjustable and the base is sexy-flexy. The vibration is deliciously strong and the best part I can control it wirelessly with the included remote. I love that this toy is rechargeable and made from 100% soft silicone, meaning it’s non-porous and super easy to clean. The Vector is app compatible, a function I have yet to explore. If you’re feeling overwhelmed the instructions are easy to follow. 

Pro tip! Remember to only use a water-based lubricant with Vector. Silicone toys do not get along with silicone-based lubricants. 

I definitely recommend Vector to anyone with a prostate. This new relationship has opened my eyes and has me excited to explore my body with sex-toys again. Vector is my main man now and I’m not sure anyone will compare lol

Until next time!