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April 14th Leather Demo by Local Leathersmith

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Want to learn all about leather? Not just what to get and why but how to take care of your beautiful leather, even the process of making the whips, collars, cuffs and more from the person who actually made it! Join us and Devious Bean (Scott Fuller) on Saturday April 14th from 2:00pm-4:00pm for a demo all about our local leather! Ask the questions you've always wanted to ask a leathersmith and even how to use these beautiful leather instruments. 

Open to All (18+) 

Stop by our demo and get 10% off Devious Bean Leather the day of! 

Bio: Having been a local leather worker now for almost a decade, I have specialized in BDSM leather for about 7 years. I make a very wide range of commercially sold products, and spend a large amount of time making custom fit and designed items. I work with several types of locally sourced leathers often combining them into a finished product. Almost all of my products are personally designed from the process to the finished product. I`ve no formal training outside of trial and error and have a passion for the entire process from concept to completion. I offer life time limited warranties on all of my products which few producers do. I work with only local suppliers for hardware and have sold and shipped finished products world wide.

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