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Fresh Meat Gallery Opening- Press Release

Wicked Wanda's Art Erotic Event Press Release Sensorium

FRESH MEAT at Sensorium Erotic Art Gallery/ Wicked Wanda’s

Local artists

Jane Adore, R. Jason Buelow, Sera Stopard, , Olga Szkabarnicki

Curated by David Cation.

Opening Reception/Meet the artists…June 2 2016, 6:30 – 9:30 p.m.

Dates of exhibit…June 2 2016 – June 30 2016

Our gallery promotes the art of the erotic, and these four artists handle the subject with authority and authenticity in their vibrant colours and engaging use of diverse mediums. While these artists may be described as “in your face” with their erotic subject matter and unrelenting artistic eye for the forbidden human form, their work also speaks to the viewer to come closer and enjoy this sensual art at its finest.

Our featured artists include:

Olga Szkabarnicki who paints lavish paintings of nude male and females with both muted and vibrant tones which highlight muscularity and movement.

Sera Stopard exhibits colour saturated photographs of the human form with thoughtful integration of the supposed “normal” body and when drama and disembodied flair make it near supernatural in the sensuality.

R.Jason Buelow creates obsessive illustrations of women in scenes of power amid destruction in a fine illustrative form which focuses both on details and an inherently political message of femininity, power and the wilderness.

Jane Adore paints with text and of female sexual dominance using aggressive tones and colours to exaggerate the female form and the power which is both a craving and a burden to modern women today.

These four artists working in separate mediums together create a visual circle which both questions and conquers the human figure and its environment. These artists   individually explore power and sexuality. Be it Sera Stopards in your face details of anatomy or Jane Adore’s  commanding  text “I sit on your face” or Olga Szkabarnicki explosive and fleshy canvases of men and women and R.Jason Buelow’s  illustrations of women against a backdrop of near apocalyptic  disaster . The common thread in this exhibition is the power of the subjects in each work of art and the use of colour and form to challenge the viewer to either accept this power or fight it.

There will be an reception with the artists Thursday June 2, from 7:00 – 9:30 p,m,

For more information please contact David Cation at or visit our website .