Which Lube Should I Choose?

Let's talk lube! Often overlooked or misunderstood, lube is an easy way to enhance your sex life. A personal lubricant works to reduce friction between your skin and the person/toy/body part(s) you’re getting hot and steamy with 😉


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MYTH BUSTING: There seems to be a myth that lube is only needed to “fix” a sexual problem such as vaginal dryness and this is simply NOT true! There are many factors that can affect vaginal lubrication such as: stress, anxiety, menopause, pregnancy, medications, breastfeeding, menstruation, and immune disorders (among a whole plethora of other things!)


Types of Lubricants

Water-based lubricants

As the name suggests these lubes are primarily made out of water.

The benefits of using a water-based formula are that they tend to agree with most people’s bodies and are safe to use with toys, plus they won’t stain your sheets or clothing.

Our Favourites

Sutil & Yes Water But (Thicker, great for booty play)


PRO TIP: We recommend choosing lubricants that are free from glycerine and parabens

Glycerine is a metabolic by-product of sugar that can contribute to overgrowth of yeast and potentially cause yeast infections.

Parabens are a group of chemicals used as preservatives and there is evidence to suggest that parabens can mess with people’s hormones and increase chances of certain cancers. While there are still debates on this we prefer to stay away from parabens when choosing lubricants.

Silicone based lubricants

Silicone lubes feels silky smooth and are super long lasting - making them great for ass play, stroking and longer sessions. Silicone lubricant is a great option for sensitive bodies because they are hypoallergenic (as long it isn’t combined with irritating ingredients) and condom safe. There are some limitations to choosing a silicone lubricant as they are generally not compatible to use with silicone toys, and these formulas will most definitely stain sheets and clothing. 

Our Favorites



Hybrid lubricants

Hybrid formulas are basically the love child of water-based and silicone lubes. Hybrid lubes provide the ease of water-based lubes but with the longevity and silky feeling of silicone lubes.

Our Favorites 

Fuck Water Hybrid Lubricant


Oil based lubricants

Oil based lubricants are loved for their longevity and can also double up as a massage oil. However, oil lubricants cannot be used with latex condoms and are also associated with higher rates of infections because they can be harder to clean out of the folds of skin of the labia, penis, scrotum, or anus.  Oil lubes also stain sheets and clothing. 


Our Favorites

YES Oil-Based Organic Lubricant

I sincerely hope this guide is useful in helping you choose the right lube for you. Until next time! Happy lubing :)

- Minx 

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