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Exploring Male and Female Anatomy

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Female Anatomy

The female body can provide a great deal of pleasure. The exterior parts of a woman’s anatomy are known as her vulva, while the interior parts as her vagina. The mons pubis is the mound above her vaginal opening. Some women have hair there. Others get rid of their hair. Some people like to have their mons massaged.

The clitoris is the small nub of flesh located just above the vaginal opening. It’s made up of thousands of nerve endings and its sole purpose is for pleasure. We only see a portion of the clitoris. It’s shaped a bit like a wishbone and has crura (or legs) that are located beneath the skin on either side of the labia (vaginal lips). Some people like to have the hood of the clitoris retracted and stimulated while others find this to be over-stimulating or downright uncomfortable. Licking, kissing, massaging or using a sex toy on the clitoris can be very pleasurable. Many women like oral sex (cunnilingus). You can read more about how to perform cunnilingus here. Female sexual anatomy - external genitalia

There’s been so much talk about the clitoris lately that sometimes people forget that there are many other parts of the female anatomy worth exploring. The labia like to be kissed and sucked. The fourchette likes to be plucked or you can slowly draw a finger in and out of the opening. You may need a good water-based lubricant such as Slippery Stuff or Sliquid H20 thoroughly explore the vagina. We recommend one that is glycerine-free (to prevent yeast infections) and parabens-free (because it has been linked to certain cancers). The perineum, the area between the anus and the vaginal opening is also rich with nerve endings. Some people have qualms about having this area touched in the same way as they do their anus. Tread lightly and ask your partner first if they will mind you going there. This area likes vibration, massage, kissing and licking. If you would like to know more about anal play, see our section on Anal Sex .

Many parts of the female anatomy respond well to sex toys. Read our link here about choosing a sex toy for the part of your body you would like to play with.


The g-spot is a part of the female anatomy located inside the vaginal canal “ceiling” (assuming your partner is reclining on their back). It is located about a finger’s length inside. The tissue may feel a little ridged and is much easier to notice when your partner has achieved orgasm via oral, manual, penetrative or sex toy stimulation. If you would like to know more about stimulating the g-spot, read this link. These sex toys are specific for g-spot stimulation. We also offer classes where you can learn more about the g-spot. See our class schedule here.


Male Anatomy

People sometimes tend to think of male sexual anatomy as being simple. There are many pleasurable parts to play with the male body. The penis is the most well-known part of the male anatomy. It is from this part that both urine (pee) and semen (cum) exit. Urine cannot come out of the body at the same time as semen. The penis has a number of hot zones, including the glans (head), the frenulum (a triangular spot on the bottom of the underside of a man's penis glans) and the coronal ridge. These areas respond to manual (using your hands), oral (licking, kissing, sucking, blowing warm breath, applying suction) as well as vibration. Some people like a lighter touch but the penis can usually handle a bit firmer grasp.

 Illustration of the location of the prostate, or p-spot.

The scrotum is the sac located at the base of the penis. It contains 1-2 testicles (balls). Not all men are comfortable having this area touched since it can be very sensitive. Some do enjoy having their scrotum licked or having their testicles (balls) taken into your mouth. The perineum is the area located behind the scrotum and before the anus. This spot is rich in nerve endings, making it exquisitively sensitive. Many people enjoy having this area massaged, licked or kissed. The anus is close in proximity to the perineum. Some guys don’t like having this area touched because they have attached different meanings to what feeling pleasure there is about. The anus is simply another wonderful part of the body to explore. You can read more about exploring your anus here


Accessing the p-spot (prostate spot)

Internally about a finger-length inside the anus is the prostate gland. Many men find that having this spot gently rubbed (not poked!) with a finger, a device made especially for prostate stimulation such as the Aneros or a vibrating sex toy with a flared base produces sensations that are different from tradition male orgasm. Some men actually prefer these sensations to ejaculation as they can repeatedly feel the sensation without the typical refractory period (waiting time in between orgasm). If you would like to know more about playing with the prostate, read here. When exploring the anus, lube is a necessity, as the anus is not self-lubricating.

If you would like to know more about male anatomy, try reading: Wicked Wanda’s offers a wide selection of fun and relaxing in-store classes for and about men. Check out our class schedule here.

The G-Spot

 Grafenberg Spot

The g-spot is an area of the female body that has produced an awful lot of controversy. Some people say it simply doesn’t exist. Those of us who have experienced the delights of having this area stimulated would beg to differ. A g-spot orgasm produces a sensation that differs from a traditional clitoral orgasm. Some describe it as a deeper, throbby feeling. Occasionally women will experience squirting when the g-spot is stimulated. This is nothing to worry about. It is not urine and many partners find it very exciting to be on the receiving end of this visually. If you are worried about soaking bedsheets, put down a towel.

The g-spot is located about a finger’s length inside the vaginal canal “ceiling”(assuming the woman is reclining on her back). A penis is not the best way to stimulate the g-spot as it does not have the right curve or the same type of firm pressure required. Playing with your own g-spot is a bit awkward for most women to reach themselves using their fingers, but it can be done in a seated position, crouching forward. Some of us do not have fingers that are long enough to reach that spot very well. Certain sex toys are well-suited to g-spot stimulation such as the: GSpot Lollipop. Many women find that using a hooking motion, drawing the toy in and out of the vagina, is quite effective at stimulating the g-spot. The Magic Banana is a device that was created to help women do their kegels. It has the dual-purpose ability to also strongly stimulate the g-spot.

If a partner is going to play with your g-spot and they have not done so before, here are some tips. The g-spot is easier to find when previous arousal has occurred. This can happen through manual (hand), oral (read more about cunnilingus here), sex toy (read more here) and/or penetrative stimulation. Some of the best positions for finding the g-spot are: missionary and doggy style but you can explore more with time. In the missionary position, the g-spot is located on the “ceiling” of the vaginal canal. Using a hooked finger or two, your partner can drag their fingers across the surface, moving in and out, if desired. Pressure should be firm. Do not use your fingernails. From a doggy style position, the g-spot is still located on the “ceiling” of the vaginal canal but a different angle is required to access it.

When you become more familiar with your g-spot, you can combine many different elements for explosive orgasms. Oral sex, manual or sex toy stimulation of the area on and around the clitoris along with g-spot stimulation can provide strong sensations for many people. Glass and metal sex toys can be immersed in warm or cool water prior to insertion for more sensory thrills. They keep this temperature for up to 20 minutes.

 If you would like to learn more Wicked Wanda’s offers in-store workshops, which are a fun and relaxing way to learn. Check out our workshop schedule for upcoming topics. 

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