Getting Naked with Gaia

Nine benefits to being a nudist/naturalist! Have you frolicked naked lately? Why not?

Once upon a time there was girl named Gaia. She always felt like there was something wrong with her. Gaia never wanted to wear clothes. She could not understand why the only time you were allowed to be naked was when you had a bath. But, Gaia was a rebel and she loved to break the rules. As soon as she figured out how to get out of her sleepers, she decided sleep naked. She would even run through the house naked, laughing and giggling, while her mother had company. As she grew into a teenager, her life goal became to be naked even when she shouldn’t be, all without getting caught. Even in high school she knew that there was something wrong in society. Gaia wrote an essay on the benefits of being naked that showed wisdom beyond her years.

One day, when Gaia was in her 30’s, one of her friends said, “Come to the nudist resort, you will love it!”


Gaia said, “Where is the fun if I’m allowed to be naked?!”


After some convicting, Gaia went. The moment she took off all her clothes she felt a freedom like no other. She had found her people and they were just like her!!! So, when it was warm enough, Gaia spent every moment she could at The Ponderosa Nudist Resort


Spending the last three years at a nudist resort helped me to notice the many benefits of fully embracing my nudist self:

            Save money on clothes!

            My skin–and my entire body–are so happy to be able to breathe

            My sensory pleasure has increased tenfold. As a by-product, this has increased the moments of sexual arousal in my life . It is important to understand most nudist /naturalist resort have nothing to do with engaging in sexual activity, it is a safe place to be completely happy in your body (I will talk about this in more detail later articles.)

            It has helped me with my body image issues (which all of us have no matter what we look like) and it re-framed what real naked bodies look like.

            As a woman who has spent her life being sexualized by men, it has been the first time I have felt truly safe to hang out with a group of men without feeling as though I am being sexualized. This has been one of the most amazing and healing experiences of my life.

            In my experience, people have been less superficial and conversations have more depth. As we take off our clothes, we tend to take off the masks we all wear in the world

            One of my greatest insights into myself while I have been on the nudist path is this–I never knew how much I judged people based on their clothes! Now the only way I can figure out whether I would enjoy someone’s company is if I have a conversation with them. I have met so many interesting and intriguing people over the last 3 years.

            Make sure you get enough Vitamin D to prevent sickness and mood disorders

            And a bonus for you sun-worshippers–no tan lines!


So it is time to take the risk! Trust me, it is worth it. Woohoo!!

If you relate to Gaia’s story, then you are a nudist. Go and find your people in your area–start by just searching for the terms “nudist’ or “naturalist’ on Google.

If you would like to feel free and comfortable in your body, then let’s start with baby steps: go skinny dipping! At night, walk into the water with you bathing suit on and, when no one can see you, take off your bathing suit and tie it to your ankle. But, it is best to be in a safe environment so you don’t always have to be on edge and afraid that you’re going to get caught, so try to find a nudist event or resort in your area. 

Go enjoy nature as we were meant to!!! Stay tune for the on the do’s and don’ts of being a nudist.

Until next time, frolic naked!!!

Gaia Shawna Morrissette