Hairspiration - To Bush or Not to Bush


 By: Julia Muse

Lately we have been experiencing a shift in thinking about our most intimate body hair, and what it means to our sex lives and partners.

What spawned the bush renaissance? Personally, I attribute this new freedom to the most unlikely source, porn. Now I know some of you are thinking that porn is the main reason we were all lining up to have our short and curly's pulled out by the root for extortionate amounts of cash but hear me out. One of my personal favourite porn stars and general awesome lady, Sasha Grey is my hairspiration. Throughout her career, she rocked a nicely trimmed little bush while her peers were as bare as a baby's bottom. On that topic, while I personally do understand the lickable benefits of a nicely and completely bare area on both men and women, it has always been slightly disturbing to me to 'look' like a child down there. Obviously, hair has remained to protect our sensitive areas and to absorb our natural human scent and pheromones to encourage reproduction.


My partner is not a big fan of hair. Luckily it is not a deal breaker for him as I am way too low maintenance to maintain much down there, and even more lucky for me he has an exciting shaving fetish which I am now very much inclined to share. One must only take a look at a custom clips4sale website to see that 'shaving' is a whole fetish genre on its own. There are a couple of factors that play out when letting your partner shave you. The first element in this equation of partner hair removal is trust. It is extremely sexy for me to have enough trust in someone to allow them close to my delicate areas with a clipper and razor sharp...well razor. The second element we enjoy is the pleasure delay that preparation for play entails. I get to have a nice bath and then have my favourite person lovingly and carefully tend to my most intimate parts while maintaining some form of decorum. The third element is the novelty of bareness. Since my default state is that of a natural woman, when I get shaved it is a new and exciting experience of sensitivity which I would not get if I was in a no bush state 100% of the time. My partner does a far better job than I do and he even uses a lovely shaving cream that I am usually too low maintenance to bother with. As for me, I have never been too picky about the state of a man's pubes, probably in the same way that no man ever in the history of humanity has refused good sex on the grounds of pubic hair (at least I hope not...ok sure, it might have happened). I understand many men consider shaving because it makes their member appear slightly larger or because they think a girl won't go down on them unless they lose the man bush. I have spoken to many women about it and most of them don't seem too fussy when it comes to hairiness as long as they aren't looking Sasquatch. Another point I need to make is that typically, our shaving sessions are actually preparation for photography or filming and I admit fully that it is much easier to 'see' the action when most or all of your hair is removed.


Here is what I have learned in my research about body hair down there; the bush has come full circle and it is back with a hairy vengeance. Western culture seems to be experiencing a hair renaissance driven by the equality movement. We went from the natural bush of 70's porn being the epitome of sexy, to the full Brazilian being the only option and now we seem to have come to a general consensus that most people, (both male and female) just need to see some general maintenance and trimmage. There is even an entire monologue in Eve Ensler's The Vagina Monologues that discusses how a woman's couples therapist suggests she just give in to her husbands desire for a shaved bush. However you feel about your pubic hair, no woman or man should be made to feel gross or unkempt simply for growing hair. If you are so inclined to trim up for your partner to please them, then more power to you, but if someone is forcing you to maintain it at a level that you aren't comfortable with then it may be time for a discussion about the boundaries of your relationship and the ownership of your body. Many people derive great pleasure from seeing their partner pleased and, if it is not too much trouble or you are indifferent to your hair then by all means, experiment with different bush styles! You can even make shapes, dye or vajazzle it!


Have a story about the bush you would like to share with us? Do you agree that the bush is back? Let us know how you feel about it!

Julia 'Muse' Winston is a sexual scientist and erotic artist. She is the head researcher and mastermind behind The Squirt Project, and international online resource on the topic of Female Ejaculation. Her workshops are held at Wicked Wanda's in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

~Julia Muse