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Douching - Anal and Vaginal - The Facts

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By: Jean Samick

Note from Lilith: Douching or enemas is a trend which we at Wicked Wanda’s are asked about quite a bit, especially the health concerns regarding it. While the saying “a fresh bum is a happy bum,” is used quite often when speaking of doing any kind of anal exploration, we wanted to get the health facts for you, courtesy of our newest blog writer Jean Samick. We wanted to get the down and dirty about vaginal and anal douching, not from an esthetic perspective but of a health one.

There’s a lot of talk about whether douching is as harmful as people claim, or whether it’s really just a nice way to stay fresh. For those who aren’t familiar, Douching is the washing or cleansing of the inside of the vagina or anus. A douche is a bag and is not just your cousin that broke your playstation as a teenager, but also a device with a tube or nozzle attached that is squirted upwards into the vagina or anus to purge. Water is the most common mixture, but baking soda, vinegar and iodine are also used.


Let’s start with the vagina. Healthy vaginas have a good and harmful bacterial balance that is compromised when a person douches. The bacteria helps protect against infections or irritation and naturally flushes blood, semen and discharge. Off-setting this balance by douching increases the risk of pregnancy, STI’s and HIV infections because the good bacteria that normally fights infection has been washed away. Infections that are most commonly linked to douching the vagina are Bacterial Vaginosis and Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. Both are fertility compromising infections that are caused by unbalancing the vaginal bacteria and being exposed to STI’s. Douching does not prevent or protect against pregnancy or STI’s, and often pushes the douche mixture into the uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries. Douching post coital doesn’t protect against pregnancy and in fact it can lead to premature birth, damage to the fallopian tubes can put people at a higher risk for ectopic pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancy occurs when the egg attaches itself to the inside of the fallopian tube instead of the uterus and can be life-threatening without treatment.


So douching the vagina is bad, but the bacteria in the anus isn’t affected the same way, right? While the bacteria culture of the rectum isn’t put at risk, the lining of the rectum is. Flooding the rectum with water ironically dehydrates the colon and makes it absorb fluid much faster. The result of this is the increase absorbency of a persons colon putting them at a greater risk of contracting an STI or HIV. Frequent anal douching can also make a person’s colon reliant on the purge for a bowel movement, causing greater intestinal problems down the line. Douching with anything other than water can irritate the lining again making a person more susceptible to contracting an STI or HIV.


Still doesn’t seem that bad? Here are some statistics: According to the U.S. Department of Health and Services those who vaginal douched once a month found it harder to become pregnant than those who did not, and were more likely to deliver a pregnancy earlier than those who did not. Those who douched once a week were also five times more likely to have Bacterial Vaginosis than those who did not. On top of that, the University of California published a study this past February showing that people were 74% more likely to contract an STI or HIV than those who did not douche.


If you’re douching because the vagina is irritated, painful, itchy or has a burning sensation a doctor should be consulted. Washing outside the vagina and anus with mild soap will not affect the bacteria inside, but may lead to dryness of the skin and irritation. Be good to your parts!

Jean Samick

Lilith: From the evidence reported by our lovely blog writer, it is best to stay away from vaginal douching all together but anal douching is alright in small doses. From Wanda herself, she recommends never to do vaginal douching and to do anal douching no more than once a week. If one is in the mood for deep anal penetration with a penis or strapon, then a rinse may make partners more comfortable but ultimately it comes down to being okay that “shit happens”.

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