Sexpertise: Sex Furniture

By: Jean Samick

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Sex furniture. The title does not exactly scream “Family friendly for every living room!’. And I’m not talking about sexy furniture, I’m talking about pieces that can be used to enhance your sexual experiences. The furniture needn't be large-scale, however. Most is easily storable, comes in a variety of sizes for a variety of appetites.

 The Wedge by Liberator

Let’s break down what we’re talking about here. Sex furniture can be anything from the ever-popular sex swing to wedge pillows and toy mounts. Some pieces can go as large as couches and permanently installed harnesses and straps, while others are as small as a sex stool.

Wedges and ramps are various types of pillows that can be used to assist penetration by using the incline to raise hips or support weight during tricky positions. They’re pretty tame as far as sex furniture goes, and typically have machine washable covers and aren’t obvious should you leave them out accidentally when guests come by. They often come with fun add ons like restraints and cuffs, and are relatively cheap.

Sex swings are also a common piece of sex furniture, and can range from occasional use structures to more permanent installations. Hugely popular for those with disabilities, sex swings are fun for everyone liking a little adventure. Often sex swings can be bought with frames, or with the hardware to put them in the ceiling. For safety’s sake, stick to the one with the frame unless you are a confident handyman or know a discreet one. Since the person in the swing has their entire body weight suspended and restrained, the results of the attachment coming out of the ceiling can be both expensive and painful for more than just your dignity.

 Toy Mount by Liberator

Stripper Poles are easily installable for any ceiling height, and don’t always require permanent installation. Novelty aside, the hidden advantage to the stripper pole is that it is intensely physical to the point that pole dancing classes exist and have grown in popularity. Being able to use it for fitness as well as seduction is great, and make it a worthwhile purchase if you can use it for more than just romance. Some of the tricks take a few tries to learn, but rest assured once the Guns ’n’ Roses start all inhibitions will melt away.

 Ultimate Sex Swing

 Rimming chairs, sex stools, loungers and other pieces are slightly less common, but still worth checking out. Whether you’re lightly into BDSM or a heavy investor, most sex furniture can be easily dismantled and stowed if space is hard to come by in your home. It doesn’t need to break the bank either; most of the above options have cheaper versions for beginners and pricier models for those looking to invest in their sexuality. Solo or partnered, able or disabled, there’s something for everyone out there.

 The Hipster by Liberator

Jean Samick

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