Foot Fetishes

 by: Jean Samick

Most people have an appreciation for some new shoes, or even the occasional pedicure. But how many people out there get aroused at the sight of some nice looking feet? Quite a few actually, as Podophilia claims to be the most common of the fetishes, with tons of groups and online forums to support it. There are also plenty of famed foot enthusiasts to support this claim, with Elvis Presley and Andy Warhol as historical representations, and people like Quentin Tarantino among the more recent. Tarantino’s foot fetish is fairly well documented in his films, and he’s come clean about it in several interviews unabashedly. This shameless admittance to a fetish takes the taboo out of it and by working feet subtly into each film he shows how this fetish is more than sexual, it’s a form of art.

Just because famous people do it doesn’t mean it’s common, but there’s plenty of science behind this fun little form of freakiness. “There are many reasons feet are said to be arousing. Feet are often the first part of a mother or father which a toddler touches.” Dr. Brenda Love theorizes in her Encyclopedia of Unusual Sex Practices. “Likewise, parents often play with toddlers’ by pushing them with their feet or letting them ride one of their feet.” This theory links with others that the skin of the feet, with the tautness and shine of the skin being the focus of visual arousal paired with the subconscious connection to nurturing and sexuality.

Dr. Aggrawal had a more straightforward theory in his book Forensic and Medico-legal Aspects of Sexual Crimes and Unusual Sexual Practices. “It has been suggested that the foot’s shape is distinctly phallic and is viewed by the fetishist to replicate the female or male genitals or the shape of a female body. Another view is that the feet and the genitals are in the same visual window, and when looking at one, the other will be in view as well; thus the two become associated in the mind.” Whether by visual association or by deep seated emotional connections to your upbringing, feet aren’t a substitute for human intimacy. One of the consistencies found in a lot of these studies is that foot fetishists not only maintain healthy relationships, but are also typically successful getting their partners on board with the fun.

There is no connection between Podophilia and other fetishes, nor is there between any sexual preference. Gay, straight and everything in between can enjoy a set of feet. The only common link seems to be its prevalence in men above women. This could be because of women’s feet maintaining a nicer aesthetic than men’s, but appearance alone does not sell the foot. The interest lies in everything from foot treatments like pedicures and massages to the smell and feel of it. And let’s not forget good old tactile interaction- the smelling, licking and sexual use of feet. Whatever it is, its popularity is rising and becoming more mainstream and with it the normalcy and acceptance of freaky fun!

Jean Samick