Non Sexy Alternative Uses for SexToys and Tools
  1. Vibration on sore muscles for massage. Of course vibration can be used for more than just sexual purposes but legendary toys like the Hitachi Magic Wand (or the Smart Wand by Lelo) has always been marketed as a "body" massaging tool rather than a sex toy and it is totally understandable. Used on the back, shoulders, legs or anywhere your muscles could use a deeper massage without needing another person to do it!

  1. Silicone lube as hair care and thigh friction. Silicone lube has so many applications but some of the best are as pre-blow-drying hair care to make sure your hair is protected from the heat and as a lubricant for friction caused by rubbing thighs especially in the summer. You can even use silicone lube as a makeup primer! 

  1. Cock rings as napkin holders. While it may seem ridiculous to use cock rings for your next dinner party they can be a great way of decorating your place-settings without getting too expensive. They are also fantastic because you can totally customize them and make it a craft party!

  1. Nipple clamps for holding pictures, glasses or signs. Don't you just hate is when you have to hang something and that something requires two well gripping grabbers and you don't have anything for it, fear not! Use your nipple clamps! 

  1. Suction cups for massage. Using larger suction cups and applying massage oil onto the skin can be used to give an awesome reverse massage where instead of pushing the skin and muscles downwards you can pull them upwards. 

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  1. Anal plugs as doorstoppers. Worried your door handle is going to damage your walls? Use an anal plug, you can get a variety of sizes that work for whatever situation you may have and they can be fairly inexpensive! 

  1. Liberator furniture for yoga. Liberator is known for their fantastic sex furniture but why not use it for your next yoga session? They are machine washable so you don't have to worry about sweating on it and you can achieve that deeper back bend or really challenge your next downward dog.

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  1. Violet wand for pimple zapping and skin care. Popularly used within kink communities, the violet wand is also used in highend spas and beauty parlors to help dry out oily and pimple prone skin. Next time you have a zit forming, apply on and off for 5 minutes and your zit should dry up and go away without any damage to your skin. 

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  1. Wartenberg wheels for baking or crafts. Getting even holes without the tedious work of doing every single one yourself can be done with the Wartenberg wheel or pin-wheel. For baking and crafts! 

  1. Arousal balm for pumping up your lips. While you can use these balms on your sexy wiggly bits, they can also be used as a lip balm and lip pumpers because they work by increasing blood flow to that area. Pucker up!

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