Choosing a Sex Toy for Men and Women

By Wicked Wanda's
on January 02, 2016
Choosing a Sex Toy for Men and Women

 Which toy is right for you?

Choosing a sex toy can feel kind of intimidating if you have never done it before. Here at Wicked Wanda’s, we always have friendly, knowledgeable staff on hand to answer your questions. You can be guaranteed that no question is considered a stupid one and we’ve probably heard it before.

Most people who are interested in buying a sex toy are doing it because they have heard about the pleasurable benefits of using them. Sex toys generally allow people to arrive at orgasm at a faster pace than manual, oral and/or penetrative vaginal/anal sex. They can be used alone or with a partner. As we age, deal with illness and sometimes disabling medical conditions, sex toys can sometimes breathe new life into a tired sex life.

There are a number of questions you can ask yourself before you think about making your purchases:

1) What part of my body do I want to get off? Clitoris? G-spot? Nipples? Anus? Prostate gland? Multiple areas? Thrusting? Cockrings?

Clit vibes: Tango

G-spot toys: HipG, Steel Fun Wand, Gigi ; Lust by Jopen

Nipples toys: Nipple suckers; nipple clamps

Anal toys (vibrating): Protouch Butt Plug, Aneros Vice Silicone Butt Plug

Anal toys (non-vibrating): Steel Fun Wand, Mood Naught Butt Plug and Aneros Helix Syn

Masturbator: Vulcan Ripe Mouth + Vibe

P-spot toys: VIBRATING: Protouch Vibrating Butt Plug, Aneros Vice Vibrating Silicone Butt Plug

DO NOT VIBRATE: Steel Fun Wand and Aneros Helix Syn

Multiple areas/dual function: Magic Banana; G-Vibe

Cockrings: Tantus Super Soft Cock Ring, Seven Creations Vibrating Cock Ring

2) What is my level of expertise with sex toys? Beginner? Intermediate? Expert?

Beginner: Maia Bullet, Mircroscopic Mini G

Intermediate: Hitachi Magic Wand, Orbito

Expert: Lelo toys; Jopen, We-Vibe

 3) What kind of power/intensity do I need/want? Do I have any kinds of medical conditions that will require more or less power?

Low: Le Reve Posable Vibe

Medium: Mircrospic Mini G

High: Crisantemi Rabbit Vibe, We-Vibe Tango

Mind blown! : Hitachi Magic Wand

4) What can I afford? Keep in mind that sometimes you get exactly what you pay for. If you are looking for durable toys, look for those that are made of wood, glass, metal and 100% medical-grade silicone. Ask about the warranties. Those with shorter warranties are probably not as long-lived. If you cannot afford an expensive toy, consider throwing a condom on it to preserve its integrity, particularly if it is a jelly toy (which is made of a porous material).

Low-cost: HipG, Bullet vibe

Medium-cost: Hitachi Magic Wand; Magic Banana

High-cost: Lelo’s line of products; We Vibe’s line of products; Love Style

5) Can I use this in the shower or bath tub?

6) Do I want it to look like a penis or not?

7) Do I care whether it is powered by electricity, batteries, solar or USB ?

8) Do I live alone or with roommates/parents/others? How noisy is it?

Low-volume: Lelo, Jopen, Magic Banana, Love Style

Medium-volume: Generally most battery-operated vibes are quieter than electric ones

High-volume: Hitachi Magic Wand

9) Am I going to use with solo or with a partner?

10) Do I want something that is wearable and hands-free? Wishbone Strapless Strap-On

11) Do I prefer an eco-friendly toy? Magic Banana, Love Style Glass, Steel Fun Wand

12) Do I want to share it with a partner (or more)? If so, can it be sterilized for cleanliness? Glass dildo, steel dildo, metal butt plug; Dildos made out of 100% medical-grade silicone

13) Do I want dual function? P-spot/G-spot stimulator: Cobra, steel dildos; glass dildos; G-Vibe

14) Do I want to give my kegels a workout? Magic Banana; G-Spot Lollipop

15) Do I want to play long-distance? USB-enabled We-Vibe 4, Fuddgy

16) What would be suitable for a gift without being too personal (ie. bridal shower)? Dona Massage Candle, Shunga Massage oil

17) Does it have accessories that you can buy to change its function? Hitachi Magic Wand, Wand Essentials Tri-gasm ;Wand Essentials Rabbit Attachment; VibeRite G-Spot Attachment; Massager for Him


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Exploring Male and Female Anatomy

By Wicked Wanda's
on January 02, 2016
Exploring Male and Female Anatomy

Female Anatomy

The female body can provide a great deal of pleasure. The exterior parts of a woman’s anatomy are known as her vulva, while the interior parts as her vagina. The mons pubis is the mound above her vaginal opening. Some women have hair there. Others get rid of their hair. Some people like to have their mons massaged.

The clitoris is the small nub of flesh located just above the vaginal opening. It’s made up of thousands of nerve endings and its sole purpose is for pleasure. We only see a portion of the clitoris. It’s shaped a bit like a wishbone and has crura (or legs) that are located beneath the skin on either side of the labia (vaginal lips). Some people like to have the hood of the clitoris retracted and stimulated while others find this to be over-stimulating or downright uncomfortable. Licking, kissing, massaging or using a sex toy on the clitoris can be very pleasurable. Many women like oral sex (cunnilingus). You can read more about how to perform cunnilingus here. Female sexual anatomy - external genitalia

There’s been so much talk about the clitoris lately that sometimes people forget that there are many other parts of the female anatomy worth exploring. The labia like to be kissed and sucked. The fourchette likes to be plucked or you can slowly draw a finger in and out of the opening. You may need a good water-based lubricant such as Slippery Stuff or Sliquid H20 thoroughly explore the vagina. We recommend one that is glycerine-free (to prevent yeast infections) and parabens-free (because it has been linked to certain cancers). The perineum, the area between the anus and the vaginal opening is also rich with nerve endings. Some people have qualms about having this area touched in the same way as they do their anus. Tread lightly and ask your partner first if they will mind you going there. This area likes vibration, massage, kissing and licking. If you would like to know more about anal play, see our section on Anal Sex .

Many parts of the female anatomy respond well to sex toys. Read our link here about choosing a sex toy for the part of your body you would like to play with.


The g-spot is a part of the female anatomy located inside the vaginal canal “ceiling” (assuming your partner is reclining on their back). It is located about a finger’s length inside. The tissue may feel a little ridged and is much easier to notice when your partner has achieved orgasm via oral, manual, penetrative or sex toy stimulation. If you would like to know more about stimulating the g-spot, read this link. These sex toys are specific for g-spot stimulation. We also offer classes where you can learn more about the g-spot. See our class schedule here.


Male Anatomy

People sometimes tend to think of male sexual anatomy as being simple. There are many pleasurable parts to play with the male body. The penis is the most well-known part of the male anatomy. It is from this part that both urine (pee) and semen (cum) exit. Urine cannot come out of the body at the same time as semen. The penis has a number of hot zones, including the glans (head), the frenulum (a triangular spot on the bottom of the underside of a man's penis glans) and the coronal ridge. These areas respond to manual (using your hands), oral (licking, kissing, sucking, blowing warm breath, applying suction) as well as vibration. Some people like a lighter touch but the penis can usually handle a bit firmer grasp.

 Illustration of the location of the prostate, or p-spot.

The scrotum is the sac located at the base of the penis. It contains 1-2 testicles (balls). Not all men are comfortable having this area touched since it can be very sensitive. Some do enjoy having their scrotum licked or having their testicles (balls) taken into your mouth. The perineum is the area located behind the scrotum and before the anus. This spot is rich in nerve endings, making it exquisitively sensitive. Many people enjoy having this area massaged, licked or kissed. The anus is close in proximity to the perineum. Some guys don’t like having this area touched because they have attached different meanings to what feeling pleasure there is about. The anus is simply another wonderful part of the body to explore. You can read more about exploring your anus here


Accessing the p-spot (prostate spot)

Internally about a finger-length inside the anus is the prostate gland. Many men find that having this spot gently rubbed (not poked!) with a finger, a device made especially for prostate stimulation such as the Aneros or a vibrating sex toy with a flared base produces sensations that are different from tradition male orgasm. Some men actually prefer these sensations to ejaculation as they can repeatedly feel the sensation without the typical refractory period (waiting time in between orgasm). If you would like to know more about playing with the prostate, read here. When exploring the anus, lube is a necessity, as the anus is not self-lubricating.

If you would like to know more about male anatomy, try reading: Wicked Wanda’s offers a wide selection of fun and relaxing in-store classes for and about men. Check out our class schedule here.

The G-Spot

 Grafenberg Spot

The g-spot is an area of the female body that has produced an awful lot of controversy. Some people say it simply doesn’t exist. Those of us who have experienced the delights of having this area stimulated would beg to differ. A g-spot orgasm produces a sensation that differs from a traditional clitoral orgasm. Some describe it as a deeper, throbby feeling. Occasionally women will experience squirting when the g-spot is stimulated. This is nothing to worry about. It is not urine and many partners find it very exciting to be on the receiving end of this visually. If you are worried about soaking bedsheets, put down a towel.

The g-spot is located about a finger’s length inside the vaginal canal “ceiling”(assuming the woman is reclining on her back). A penis is not the best way to stimulate the g-spot as it does not have the right curve or the same type of firm pressure required. Playing with your own g-spot is a bit awkward for most women to reach themselves using their fingers, but it can be done in a seated position, crouching forward. Some of us do not have fingers that are long enough to reach that spot very well. Certain sex toys are well-suited to g-spot stimulation such as the: GSpot Lollipop. Many women find that using a hooking motion, drawing the toy in and out of the vagina, is quite effective at stimulating the g-spot. The Magic Banana is a device that was created to help women do their kegels. It has the dual-purpose ability to also strongly stimulate the g-spot.

If a partner is going to play with your g-spot and they have not done so before, here are some tips. The g-spot is easier to find when previous arousal has occurred. This can happen through manual (hand), oral (read more about cunnilingus here), sex toy (read more here) and/or penetrative stimulation. Some of the best positions for finding the g-spot are: missionary and doggy style but you can explore more with time. In the missionary position, the g-spot is located on the “ceiling” of the vaginal canal. Using a hooked finger or two, your partner can drag their fingers across the surface, moving in and out, if desired. Pressure should be firm. Do not use your fingernails. From a doggy style position, the g-spot is still located on the “ceiling” of the vaginal canal but a different angle is required to access it.

When you become more familiar with your g-spot, you can combine many different elements for explosive orgasms. Oral sex, manual or sex toy stimulation of the area on and around the clitoris along with g-spot stimulation can provide strong sensations for many people. Glass and metal sex toys can be immersed in warm or cool water prior to insertion for more sensory thrills. They keep this temperature for up to 20 minutes.

 If you would like to learn more Wicked Wanda’s offers in-store workshops, which are a fun and relaxing way to learn. Check out our workshop schedule for upcoming topics. 

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Anal Sex

By Wicked Wanda's
on January 02, 2016
Anal Sex

Anal sex has a bit of a reputation. There are so many reasons why people don’t do it. People attach meaning to where none should be because of religion, upbringing and our culture. Men who identify as straight often have a hard time allowing their partner to touch them there because they think it will mean they are gay or effeminate. This is ridiculous. It’s an area of the body that is rich with nerve endings that can yield a great deal of pleasure. If you are going to use the reasoning that having anal sex will make you gay, you can say goodbye to blow jobs, kissing and all the other things you do in the bedroom because gay men do those too. Women may not allow anal sex either. They often fear being judged as bad girls if they do it. Some people also believe that the anus is unclean or incorrectly fear AIDS or other STIs (even while using condoms). Others fear that anal sex will be painful. Much of that may be based on past attempts, as well as where people were unprepared for how to safely approach anal sex. What it comes down to is: this is your body. If you would like to explore it, that is your choice. Here are some tips to have the most fun with this.

This is one area where you really should educate yourself first before trying it. Anal sex that is portrayed in pornos is nothing at all like “regular” anal sex. Actors in anal porn often do extensive preparation such as wearing a butt plug for hours beforehand to stretch their anus, taking enemas or laxatives to clean out their system and they lubricate extensively (which is rarely shown on video). Wicked Wanda’s offers fun, relaxed in-store classes about anal sex, strap-on sex, and prostate play too.

After watching pornos, many people walk away thinking, “I could never do that. It would tear me to shreds.” And, they are probably correct if they actually did it that way for the first time. The way to approach anal sex is slowly and by using plenty of lube.The anus differs from the vagina in that it is not self-lubricating. It can be prone to tears if not lubricated. Different lubes can be used for sex. Water-based ones tend to get tacky more quickly. Silicone lubes, such as Sliquid Silver may be better for anal as they last longer. Some people use a variety of lubes for anal. They use a Lube Shooter to insert one type of lube deeper into the anus and then they apply another to the head of the penis or strap-on dildo as they are entering the anus.

As mentioned above, the anus can be prone to tearing as it does not self-lubricate. Therefore, protection against STIs is quite important in the rare case that a tear does occur. Latex or polyurethane (good for people who are allergic to latex) condoms are recommended because they provide effective barriers. Glyde dental dams can be used when rimming (licking/kissing/sucking in and around the anus) to prevent oral-anal transmission of STIs, bacteria, etc.

There are two sphincters in the anus. The first is at the opening of the anus and opens up pretty easily. The other one is located inside the anus and well, can have a bit of a mind of its own. Some people say they can’t ever get past this spot, especially when they try anything larger than their pinkie finger. The anus is fairly pliable since it regularly opens to let out a bowel movement. It can learn to accommodate a finger, a penis, butt plug, dildo or other sex toy. A great way to get used to the sensation is to insert a finger into your anus while in the shower or bathtub when you are relaxed. Sometimes people are worried that they will stretch out the anal tissue and have leakage problems when they are older. You have a bowel movement every day which exercises your anal muscles. Anal sex doesn’t cause this problem. If you are really worried about this, you could try doing kegels. They are just as effective anally as they are for vaginas or penises.

Some people have issues with the whole idea of anal sex because they think it’s dirty or unsanitary. The reality is that you are pretty unlikely to encounter feces (poop) because it’s not stored where most penises and strap-ons reach during anal sex. If you are still worried that you might come in contact with fecal matter (poop), the partner who will be penetrated can use an enema cleansing product such as Squeeze Clean Anal Stream. Some people have purchased kits from pharmacies. These are designed for surgical procedure preparation and if used on a regular basis could disrupt the flora of the colon. A simple warm water colon cleanse should be adequate. A number of people report that they prefer to eat light the day before anal play but that is a personal preference. If you are really worried that you might still make contact with poop, you can cover your play surface with old towels or Liberator Fascinators, fantastic washable bed wear.

Anal sex requires much more communication than any other kind of sex because of its needs for lubrication and the potential for tears. When you’re ready to try it, you may want to start by massaging the butt cheeks, licking and kissing around the area. People who have the most positive outcomes with anal sex are the ones who eased into it. They started by having some previous form of stimulation to relax them, such as: cunnilingus, fellatio, manual, sex toy or penetrative sex. In situations like this, it is easier to slip a gloved latex or nitrile (great for people with allergies to latex) finger into the anus because the sphincter is relaxed. The anus is not a closed loop like the vagina. That means that vibrators, dildos and butt plugs that go in there should all have a flared base or a ring to pull them out easily. There are many different sizes and shapes of anal sex toys to choose from. Most people are better off starting with a small to mid-size toy and if desired, working their way up to something larger. Here’s a link to our anal toys. It takes some people awhile to get used to the sensation of finger s or a toy in their anus while others love the feeling from the first time.

When inserting a penis or strap-on into the anus, go slowly. Watch your partner’s breathing and make sure to provide them with extra stimulation to their nipples, clitoris or penis as you enter them. Ask them how they are doing, if they need more lube or if they need you to pace your entry. If they ask you to stop, STOP immediately. Some people can take a penis or strap-on all the way the first time but that is not always the case and there’s nothing wrong with that. When withdrawing, do so slowly. Caressing your partner afterwards and/or offering massage is a great way to do aftercare. These massage oils are fantastic for that purpose.

Fellatio: Going Down/Blowjobs for Him

By Wicked Wanda's
on January 02, 2016
Fellatio: Going Down/Blowjobs for Him

Fellatio is an often neglected activity that many people abandon once they have progressed to penetrative intercourse. It’s a welcome activity that many guys enjoy as much as or more than traditional vaginal or anal sex. Sexy times can be had almost anywhere too so this allows for a lot of great fantasy play on the go.

Some people don’t feel as though they know what to do when approached with the male anatomy. Check out our male anatomy page to learn more. You can also attend one of our in-store classes. They are fun, educational and guaranteed to provide you with lots of suggestions for your next oral session.

Communication is very important in any kind of sexual activity. A little chat about where he would like to come is important. Partners may also want to know when their partner is going to come. Some guys would like you to accept their ejaculate (load/semen) in their mouth. The problem with this is that some people swallow semen while others don’t. Negotiating where the semen is going to end up doesn’t have to be a problem if you don’t swallow. You can have them come in your vagina (if a woman), anus (any gender), between breasts or anywhere else on the body or you can offer to finish him off with your hands. You can also provide a towel or tissues for them to come in or take the semen into your mouth and then spit it out elsewhere. A little communication avoids hurt feelings.

Your partner may have an STI or other communicable disease. You can use condoms for oral sex. There are a wide variety of condoms available, made out of latex and polyurethane for people with latex allergies. Plain, lubricated condoms may not taste the best for some. Consider flavoured ones as an alternative. Similarly, if you plan on using your hands on someone who has an STI, think about using latex or nitrile gloves (good for people with latex allergy).

As mentioned above, oral for him is very portable so you can do it anywhere. Unfortunately, many people who do oral find it sometimes hurts their neck or jaw. Liberator shapes has designed sex furniture that fits many body types. It’s sleek and sexy-looking but discreet enough that no one will know what it’s used for. You can also change positions from kneeling in front to reclining to standing. As you transition from one position to another, allow your hands to take over. This will give your mouth and neck some time to rest. If he is not completely wet, consider using a natural lubricant.

To freshen up beforehand, you can give your partner a sex shower or bath. Try lightly dragging your nails all over his skin and through his pubic hair to pull out loose ones (if he doesn’t shave there). Towel him off. Consider talking dirty to him. (Don’t know how to talk dirty? Sign up for one of our classes here.) Enthusiasm is appreciated. Admiring his genitalia and tell him you want to give him this gift can be arousing for some men.

You can lick and kiss your way down (or up, depending on your position) there, tweaking nipples and nibbling along the way. The head (glans) is generally the most sensitive part with the shaft not feeling as much. The scrotum (sac that holds the testicles/balls) is generally very sensitive. Some will want it to be touched and played with while others will reject it. Other sensitive spots include: the coronal ridge, frenulum, perineum and anus (see male anatomy). Generally, most men like wide welcoming licks done with a flat tongue. Wetting the head to the shaft (and scrotum, if they like that) is a good beginning. Licking around and under the coronal ridge and frenulum can be very pleasurable. Some people like to have the crevice of their opening explored too. Others may find this is too sensitive.

Some people circle the head with their tongue and then engulf it with their mouth. For people who are new to fellatio, taking the penis into your mouth can sometimes feel a bit intimidating. You may have to train yourself to breathe more through your nose or to take breaks so that that you can breathe through your mouth. It doesn’t mean you have to stop, just replace the motion with your hand. By placing your thumb and pointer finger into an okay sign, you can provide the same kind of friction (maybe more than your mouth does). Some guys may not even be able to tell when you are changing back and forth between mouth and hands.

Giving good head is not only about sucking and licking but also about suction. Sucking the cheeks in while you have him in your mouth or throat provides a different sensation. Generally speaking, rhythmic up and down motions or circling with head while going up and down work well. Some men like you to constantly stay in your mouth while others may prefer to be popped in and out as your lips tighten around his head as he goes in and out.

Want to change up the sensation a bit for him? Try adding a bullet vibe at the base of his scrotum or next to his perineum. Men have a prostate gland that can be stimulated externally from this position.

The perineum and anus are spots that are full of pleasurable nerve endings. Some guys have hang-ups around having this area touched. Respect those feelings but let him but let him know that you think it would be hot to try something there. If you will be licking around his anus, consider a Glyde dental dam. Put a drop or two of lube on the skin side to make it feel more natural. If your partner okays it, try inserting a finger to stimulate his prostate gland. You can also use a toy designed for prostate play such as the Aneros, or anal beads. Some of these devices have vibration while others do not. Some people like a butt plug to just be placed in there from beginning to end. This can be gently moving around or left in place. Make sure it has a flared base and that you use adequate lube. Silicone lube is great for butt toys but generally has a bitter taste.

To change up his sensation, you can also tickle his body with feathers, apply nipple clamps or suction cups. Warming or cooling lube can also be applied and blown on. Glass or metal butt plugs (soaked in warm or cool water) can be inserted to deliver temperature changes that are fun to play with. Sipping a swig of a hot or cold beverage while going down can also be pleasurable.

When he’s ready to come, he may begin to thrust, breathe more heavily and/or make moaning sounds. You may also want to agree upon how he will tell you when he is going to come (verbally, a tap on the head, etc.) If you are not planning on swallowing his ejaculate (cum/semen), you can switch over to your previously negotiated plan of finishing him off. If he is going to ejaculate in you have a condom ready.

Cunnilingus: Going Down for Her

By Madelaine Dorion
on January 02, 2016
Cunnilingus: Going Down for Her

Cunnilingus (or oral sex for her) is a special gift that you can perform for your partner. It involves, licking, kissing and/or sucking the vulva (external genitalia) and vaginal canal (internal genitalia). The clitoris is an area of the body that provides much of the pleasurable feelings experienced. It is located at the top of the vaginal opening and is covered in a little hood of flesh that can be retracted. Upwards of 70% of all women cannot arrive at orgasm unless they receive some kind of stimulation to the clitoris and surrounding areas beforehand.


Many partners are eager to try cunnilingus but admit that they aren’t that certain what to do once they get down there. Consider educating yourself a bit if you feel you fall into this category. Check out our female anatomy page if you are unfamiliar with any of the terms in this article. You can also sign up for a fun, in-person class at Wicked Wanda’s. You’re guaranteed to go home with lots of new ideas to take home and try out.

One of the best things about cunnilingus is that it doesn’t require a lot of fancy preparation. Some people feel awkward about their own personal odour and would prefer to have a bath or shower beforehand. You can make this part of your sexy foreplay by giving your partner a complete treatment, offering to bath or shower them. A vibrating shower toy, such as the Tango are fun ways to get things started. You could also take any vibrating bullet toy and put it inside a plastic, zippable baggie. Slit a bath sponge in half and tada, you have a vibrating bath sponge. Follow up your partner’s bath by drying her off with a towel and then rubbing her down all over with a Naked Massage oil.

Sometimes people who give cunnilingus are a bit disappointed when they realize how long it takes for a woman to achieve orgasm this way. Porn videos, for the most part, show women getting off in a minute or less. The reality is that you may be down there for awhile, so get comfortable. If you want to look like an expert, you could have a few things prepared before your session: lube (ideally glycerin and parabens-free such as Sliquid, a towel (for hands or for squirty situations), Glyde vegan dental dam and/or latex or nitrile gloves if your partner has an STI or other communicable disease and a bullet vibe. If you have neck or back problems, you may want to consider purchasing sex furniture such as the Liberator shapes, which naturally contour to many body shapes and allow you to be comfortable while possibly being in a position your body is not used to. If your partner has troubles keeping their legs apart, there are also slings that can be used to make this easier. Using any type of vibrator in between or combined with your licking and sucking will change up the sensation and also give your jaw/neck a break.

So, you’ve done all your homework and you’re ready to go! Sometimes the person on the receiving end may still feel intimidated. Make sure you let them know that you’re excited to be able to do this for them. If your haven’t done any massage beforehand, stroking the mons and the thighs is a nice way to lead in. Running your hands through her public hair (if she has it) is also a good way to dislodge any loose hairs that could end up in your mouth. Generally, starting with a flat tongue in big, broad strokes is best. It allows you to lubricate the area and get her used to you being there. What we see of the clitoris is only the tip of the iceberg. The clitoris is kind of like a chubby wishbone with the visible head at the centre and the crura (or clitoral legs) buried beneath the skin on either side of the vaginal lips. Licking the clitoris is lovely but many people find that if all the attention is focused there all of the time that it’s too stimulating and may actually hurt. Licking and nibbling the inner and outer lips is pleasurable for many people. Some people also enjoy the sensation of having their clitoris sucked on. The clitoris has a hood over it. Some women like having it retracted and stimulated very gently while others find this overwhelming and/or painful.

While licking and sucking, you can also insert fingers or a sex toy into the vaginal canal. Add lube if necessary. To learn more about fingering a woman’s g-spot, read this. The perineum (located below the vaginal opening and above the anus) is rich in nerve endings and a fun place to explore. Many individuals have strong feelings about the perineum and anus so it may be best to ask before surprising someone with fingers or a toy there. If your partner has never had their anus played with, start with a small toy such as The Classic Butt Plug. Any toy that goes into the anus should have a flared base or a ring so that it can be easily removed and so that it doesn’t get move further into the anus (read more about Anal Adventures here). Others may be excited about playing with an area they may have considered taboo. If you are going to lick around the anus (rimming), you may want to consider using a Glyde dental dam as there is a risk of certain STIs and bacterias with this area. Put a drop or two or lube in the skin side of the dam to make things feel more natural for your partner.

Most women find they need a build-up of rhythmic motions before they can arrive at orgasm. Switching over to a more pointed tongue at this point may be helpful. Some people do circles, up-down/ side-to-side motions or even the alphabet so they get a variety of different strokes. Watch for changes in your partner’s breathing, bucking motions of the hips, verbalizations (screaming, moaning), actions such as showing your face closer into her or closing her legs around your head as signs that orgasm may be soon. Don’t stop until she tells you to stop. A woman is capable of having more than one orgasm. Some women need a break in between orgasms to cool off while others can tolerate repeated stimulation. Always check in with your partner.

To add some additional sensory pleasure, you can add the element of heat or cooling. Tickle her Pink gel that feels a little cool when it’s blown on. Inserting a glass or metal toy that has been soaking in warm or cool water, into the vagina, can produce some pretty wild sensations when paired with cunnilingus. Glass and metal toys can retain their temperature for up to 20 minutes. Many people also enjoy the removal of all other sensation so they can focus on the area that is being stimulated. Using a blindfold, restraints or spreader bar can help enhance this experience. A blindfold helps with the element of surprise so that your partner cannot anticipate your next move. It’s also great for fantasy roleplay. Restraints and spreader bars are also good for fantasy.


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 Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit: Reviewed

April 24, 2018

I’ve recently been bestowed the honor of testing and reviewing the Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit and perfection doesn’t even begin...

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We-Vibe Nova Reviewed

We-Vibe Nova Reviewed

January 16, 2018

In this honest review of the We-Vibe Nova, Lilith simply glows about this amazing g-spot product and as far as a dual stimulator goes, this toy is the best. Click to read more!

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