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Meet Gaia

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Gaia is a world renowned Sexual Wellness Coach. She specializes in healing sexual trauma, abuse and interference. With over fourteen years of teaching, coaching, and assisting people, Gaia has guided and facilitated the sexual awakening of individuals and couples through various healing techniques and even a variety of tantalizing events. She has often been quoted as bringing sexuality and spirit to new levels of creativity, understanding and openness, inspiring a new found sense of joy for her clients and workshop attendees.

Gaia has been initiated as High Priestess of Divine Sexuality and Healing. She has been teaching and working with groups and individuals to awaken and heal their sexuality and sensuality for over fourteen years, through clay, music, workshops, sexual wellness coaching and massage. Gaia is a retired pottery teacher and drumming instructor. The founder of Succulent Living. Author of Stop! Drop! & Wiggle! : 7 Easy steps to Happiness

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