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Meet Shade Nyx

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Shade NyxI live in Ottawa and I am a 24/7 lifestyle dominant female, hedonist and fetishist. By night, I am a stage performer, dancer (usually belly-dance), fetish performer, photographer, makeup artist and special effects artist.

My personal style is a mixture of common American Tribal Style belly-dance and classic femdom (especially the shiny stuff from the eighties and nineties). Sometimes, I have incorporated post-apocalyptic/ cyberpunk/ goth-ish elements into my performances.

About a decade ago, I learned tango, swing, and other ballroom dances. Through these dance groups, I connected to other groups that where teaching and performing cabaret belly-dance and Bollywood. I then moved on to learn some more traditional dance styles, like Egyptian cane dancing. I really liked being with, and dancing with others of a similar background and doing familiar dance movements, but I found that too restrictive. I eventually found Tribal belly-dance. I loved it, it fit me well, and that is a style I have stuck with. Shortly after this, I got into burlesque.

I will be holding a class soon – stay tuned!

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