Killsey Van HellSin
Killsey Van HellSin is not made of sugar and spice like other little girls, but of steel, sass, edges, and glass. A sideshow and burlesque performer, she embraces fierce goddesses, swamp witches, and pagan sorceresses as her aesthetic influences. Killsey's obsessive affair with rope bondage began in January 2018 after working with local rope artist Kindred, and she now ties and performs solo as well, having been accepted into Montreal's Nuit Des Cordes 2019 and performing in ropes at iliac in St Jean, QC. Tying almost daily, she endeavours to share her passion for the art and elegance of shibari with audiences and students alike. Killsey also carries a degree in Medieval and Renaissance Studies and a deep passion for witchcraft that heavily influences her creative work. With the heart of a warrior, the hands of a sorceress, and hips that beat with war drums, the Battle Axe of Burlesque is here to conquer your expectations.