The Booty Blog: #6 KQ’s Taboo Love

By Guest Writer KQ

My interest in anal comes mostly from reading and enjoying – sometimes even writing – gay erotica and porn. There’s just something about the taboo of it all that always appeals to me, excites me; it’s not only about sharing every last piece of myself with someone I love and trust (though that’s certainly part of it!), it’s also about exploring my boundaries and pushing past them. Endeavouring to feel and experience things I tell myself I shouldn’t enjoy, things that are dirty or taboo, and then enjoying them thoroughly—that’s what I like most about anal.

But it’s certainly not something that my partner and I do very often, and not only because it’s just too intense sometimes. I absolutely have to be in the right headspace for it to work. Since most of the pleasure of anal play comes, for me, from the mental component of it, if I’m not ready to revel in the taboo that evening, it simply won’t work. And it requires a lot of preparation, both mental and physical. Sometimes that involves watching what I eat that day, or budgeting time for a shower both before and after, or even getting clean sheets ready on standby. With all of those out of the way, I can really focus on what’s important—focusing completely and utterly on losing my mind to pleasure.

And speaking of pleasure, it’s a different sort than anything else I’ve ever experienced. It doesn’t rile me up or make me tense and writhe the way vaginal sex does. The best way I can describe it is that I melt. The intensity of anal play turns my brain off for a while, makes me unable to think of anything but those electric sensations shuddering through my body as I open up and go lax. It’s raw in the best of ways, like a live wire or exposed nerve that can conduct only pleasure.

It’s also something I can enjoy when I’m by myself. Though these self-sessions are rarely as intense as they are with my partner, they are still highly enjoyable, in a quiet sort of way. Anal play when I’m alone is best described as something intensely private, and incredibly relaxing. There are none of the hang-ups about cleanliness or fear of rejection when exploring by myself—though I’ve found that these are precisely why anal play with a partner is so intense, because it involves a literal bearing of all to another person.

Still, if you are thinking about exploring anal play, I say go for it! Explore by yourself, first, to get to know intimate parts of you that have never been explored before and then, when you’re ready, and when you’re with someone you know you can trust, explore with them, too. Sexuality is an adventure! And anal play is a summit you’ll be glad you explored.


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