The Booty Blog: #7 Mike's Backdoor Musings

By Guest Writer Mike Tattersall

I remember when I thought it was a distasteful concept.  Ew.  Ick.  Dirty.

In life, we go through changes in attitude.  These begin based on our experiences in Life.  The more different things we are exposed to (theoretically/intellectually and physically), the wider our outlook.  Not to mention the longer the list of things that we take from the NO GO ZONE and place on the list of “I might try that sometime, but not now.”  When I look back on where I was, from where I am now, “What a difference.”

Back then (omg I was so young!), I was into frottage, oral and that was about it.  Now?  Anal Play is good fun.  I guess it was a logical leap, but my first experience with anal pleasure came from being rimmed.  I never knew anything could feel that incredible.  I have learned since that there are a lot of incredible feelings and sensations that are on par with, or more satisfying even then a proper rimming.

My first time rimming a guy was a mix.  Ick, Ew, to lick THERE?  But the memory of my own pleasure allowed me to do a few cursory licks, and we went on to more oral pleasure of a more traditional kind. 

From there I got into anal sex.  If I could lick it, I could stick it.  And I did.  And sometimes I would let other guys try fucking me.  It was, as they say, pretty boring.  Yes.  Boring. 

Where were the incredible sensations I was told about?  Where were the incredible moans and gasps I could elicit from those guys with my own dick in their ass?  I counted ceiling tiles while I waited for arduous guys to finish.  “What a waste of time, this anal stuff is for me,” I thought.  Sure, weird sensations happened, but nothing I could claim as pleasure.  Until, one day, I got properly done.

I found out, that one day, how much I needed to learn about fucking, if those were the kinds of sensations I could find inside my own ass.  Yup; I found out I am a screamer.  It felt so good that I could only emit sounds, and the better it felt, the louder I got.  There was nothing – not even pillows or a hand over my mouth that could muffle those neighbour-waking sounds.

In the weeks and months that followed, I studied guys responses to being fucked; what worked well, what worked better, and what didn’t work at all (like my former state).  Not all guys are built the same inside, even if we are all built the same inside.  Things have variations.  There is an angle of penetration that will work for some, most, none, one, or a few.  Then there are the different body positions that will make those angles of penetration either work better, or worse, depending on the guy.

True Confessions time:  I have a lot of sex.  I fuck a lot of guys.  I lost count long ago.  I sometimes get fucked but it is still, pardon the expression, a “crap shoot.”  I can honestly count on one hand the number of guys who I can claim have fucked me properly; brought out of me those moans, gasps, screams and yells of pleasure.  And for me, when I am “administering anal pleasure” to guys, I know I am doing it right if their eyes roll back in their heads and I have to order them to breathe.  Sometimes the intensity of sensation can scare them, can induce full-body cascading orgasms, can leave them writhing in ecstatic oblivious bliss.  And with some few guys I have to work hard to find their pleasure zones.  This can be an on-going exploration for them, covering weeks, or months, of visits.  As they get used to their body responses to stimulation, to anal stimulation, the brain interprets pleasurable things easier, as pleasure.  As their experiences broaden, so too does their mind’s pleasure, and their body’s pleasure.

The more different things we are exposed to (theoretically/intellectually, and physically), the wider our outlook.  The wider and longer the list of things we know will provide us pleasure, gets.  Explore.  Never stop.  Find out before you play if the one you are playing with has more than a mere cursory (theoretical) knowledge of male anatomy.  Practical experience does mean a lot.  Knowing what anal play feels like as a provider and as a receiver will open your mind to whole other levels of reality.

You could say now that one of my preferred sexual activities is rimming.  I could eat a beautiful ass for hours, sometimes, but that usually is overwhelmed by the situation and the desires of the bottom to progress to some serious fucking. 

My list of “ew, ick, yuck” activities is now a much, much shorter list.

By: Mike Tattersall

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