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You'll Go Bananas!

Product Description:
Maddy's Favorite Kegel and Penetrative Toy: "The Magic Banana is a kegel and g-spot toy in one; designed locally by yoga instructor Janeson Rayne from Kingston, Ontario. This toy definitely requires some practice. However once you get the hang of it the benefits are sensational; stronger kegels and explosive g-spot orgasms.  My first vaginal orgasm was with the Magic Banana and I have since praised it. The flexibility of the loop allows the Banana to follow my body’s shape to find and stimulate my g-spot. Just wow!  

Combo: One evening my partner and I decided to combine the Magic Wand and Magic Banana. Would it be an exaggeration to say life hasn’t been the same since? I think not…a magical combination for any person looking to experience (or give) intense, gushy, toe curling orgasm(s)."

Janeson Rayne’s innovative Magic Banana® features a loop with a gentle upwards curve – a design perfected through 30 years of research and development.  Squeezing action on the loop provides a unique and pleasurable way to build your inner strength while the curve gives extraordinary stimulation for your G-Spot


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