Tenga Egg Regular Strength Collection


Super-Stretch Sleeves for Pleasure!

Different Strokes from Different Yolks!
The TENGA EGG Series may look small, but their super-stretchable material can fit users of almost any size!

The external designs of each EGG reflect the internal details within them – with a variety of EGGs to choose from, you’re sure to find a perfect match.

  • Discreet, easy to carry Case; super-stretchable elastomer increases dramatically for a perfect fit regardless of your size
  • Unique design, easy to use disposable masturbator
  • 6 different varieties, each with different internal structures for a variety of great experiences
  • The Hard boiled variety package includes thunder, crater, misty, cloudy, shiny, and surfer, for a new experience every night
  • Water-based lubricant lotion included in each egg; use only; made in japan