Tantralicious: Dare to be Adventurous October 6th

Tantralicious: Dare to be Adventurous October 6th
Tantralicious: Dare to be Adventurous October 6th

Tantralicious: Dare to be Adventurous October 6th

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The Ultimate Fun Play & Conscious Connection Challenge with GUIDED Dynamic Tantra practices for Singles and couples

Friday, October 6th
7:00 pm to 9:00 pm 
Wicked Wanda's

Join us for the ultimate authentic relating & conscious connection challenge with guided fun & dynamic empowering practices.

Tantralicious raises the bar in authentic relating, communication skills, and conscious loving! Improving your conscious connection skills to a higher level with enlightening learning practices through the Tantra lens. In today's busy world, it’s so rare to pause, quiet the mind, feel the body, and feel the heart and its cravings.

Tantra teaches us to bring awareness to the present moment with feelings and sensations. Allowing us to open our whole being to be touched by life and/or the person we choose to connect with.

The Intention is to bring people together, to have fun, be guided in a series of short 3-minute exercises of authentic relating, and share playfulness, compassion, and joy!


What you will experience:

  • how to identify your in-the-moment needs
  • how to ask for and negotiate your desires
  • how to compassionately & consciously relate and connect
  • paired connection in rotation  or you can stay with your partner with guided practices (communication, eye-gazing, touch, sensations, polarity play, movement, and sharing of what you notice within you)

The Intention is to bring people together, to have fun, and share love, compassion, and joy!


may include a clear knowing of what your boundaries are, language to articulate your needs and desires, and a change from awkward to confident in connecting with repeated play. Feelings of energized and refreshed and have powerful tantric tools to enhance your life and relationships.



This is for SINGLES & PARTNERED people who seek to enjoy the above side effects.

Space is limited. Save your spot today!


  1. Yoga Mat OR Blanket to sit on
  2. Open mind and heart

3. Breath Freshener

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a Fragrance-Free space. No cologne perfume or any other synthetically made fragrance. Exception: Essential oil dabs.


How is this guided?​

Guided step-by-step 3-minute exercises engage you in a safe and playful way with clear guidelines. Giving you the practice time to, always, be authentic and true to yourself.

You are always in choice to engage, modify, or discuss.

This CLOTHES-ON learning event is designed to bring you into full presence with yourself (mindfully showing up fully with your entire being).

You will experience expanded possibilities for relating to another person in a more profound way. You come away with greater confidence in your ability to know and express yourself. Shift your perspective on what a healthy and playful relationship can feel and look like.

Enjoy a worthwhile, dynamic, fun, and playful learning event that will leave you feeling nourished, open-hearted, and excited to be in connection with life!



What people are saying:

I realized that this event brings a heartfelt connection in a time of disconnection. Thank you – Rosie

Great new tools to connect with my wife. And doing something different with my husband was great! - A & A

I echo the well balance of intensity and lightness of the exercises. Made me see myself authentically in every moment. And I noticed I wished to go deeper with my emotional connection- Jeff

To be touched with care and love was wonderful. To be seen and understood was magical. – Susan

Loved the reminder of how to connect with my partner. - Eric & Kelly

As a visitor to Toronto, I was looking and in need of human connection in a safe space. And that is what was gifted. Thank you – Cecilia

I have been to Tantra courses for a lot of money. This was worth more. And I will add more flowers in my life. – Brandon

I was pleasantly surprised to find how comfortable it was to connect with other people in the guided balance of intensity and playful lightness – David

I loved the Tantralicious workshop. The exercises were safe and creative, not to mention fun and connecting. Viktoria is a great facilitator and a living example of what Tantra is all about. Thank you for the delicious experience! – Jen

“Since attending Tantralicious I find I am more open to considering who I am and what I want in a companion and to openly share it. I got to feel how I was responding to a partner and how they were responding to me and in some cases make adjustments for a more compassionate and heartfelt connection. Thank you!” -RC

A different experience for me being paired up with my partner for all the interesting exercises, building more connection with her & identifying gaps to work on. And she does not want to be a princess. – Chris

Being a natural giver I learned that I tend to take charge of situations at the detriment of meeting my own needs. Often not even knowing what those are. Opening up about this through play and conversation led to this discovery. - O.W.

Viktoria’s facilitation created a safe space to explore deeper parts of myself and my authentic connection with others. – Christina

Many times my initial response was “Oh god, I don’t think I can be/do that.” And then I chose to go ahead and do it anyway. To my surprise, I was better at the game than expected and I had more fun once I was “in it”. Super fun and empowering. - J.T.

This was a beautiful and affirming experience of deepening my connection with my partner. We learned something new about each other tonight. – Audra

I love the opportunity to connect with other humans in openness and authenticity. – Sara


About Your Guide

Viktoria is a holistic Love, Intimacy, and Self-Empowerment Coach, Counsellor & Confidante of 20 years. An avant-garde provocateur, catalyst, and radical love agent. Always advocating for the best version of yourself to show up.

A Transformational Counsellor, Life Coach, and Tantra Teacher, Tibetan Meditation teacher, Reiki practitioner, and Conscious & Compassionate Communication Facilitator. Elemental Rhythm Breathwork Facilitator. Yoga instructor of Hatha, Laya, Trauma Sensitive Yoga, and Shaking Meditation with T.R.E.® (Tension /Trauma Release Exercises) certified provider.

Teacher and Trainer of the following bodywork modalities: Holistic Chi Kung Massage (De-Armouring Somatic Healing Bodywork), Bondassage® and Creator, Teacher and Trainer of Soma Love® Massage (Energy & Bodywork).

Viktoria helps women, men, and couples struggling with trauma, anxiety, disconnection, reconnection, and bedroom boredom. All done through transformational learning dynamics, self-empowerment praxis (practices), healthy boundary setting, compassionate communication, authentic relating, and confidence-building skills, along with practical guidelines for success and much more.

“Always within your boundaries of safety, consent, and comfort with respect, honour and trust with yourself first. Then with others.” – Viktoria.”

Wondrous delights! Your magical mischief maker of all things playful loving, Viktoria For more info surf to: www.playfulloving.com

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