Wicked Toy Parties

Want to explore something new but don't know where to start?

Wicked Wanda's Adult Emporium is now offering interactive and hilarious parties on the hottest adult toys, kinky fun, lingerie and more! Our parties are totally customizable and guaranteed to be tantalizing and good educational fun. From the comfort of your own home, enjoy sex toy shopping with friends or in private with our knowledgeable sexperts while having an amazing party! 

What kind of party themes are available?

- Bachelorette

- Ladies Night

- Couples Party

- BDSM/ Kink

- feel free to suggest another kind of theme and we will happily do our best to accommodate! There are also options of having more then one theme covered during your party, your choice! 


What do we bring to the parties?

- The best products on the market ranging in prices and functionality.

- Fun games from light ice-breakers to dirty fun, upon request. 

- Highly entertaining sexperts who provide product knowledge and sexy ideas/advice while also keeping it light and fun.

- The host gets a very special gift from us that will be sure to please. 

- All Guests get taxes off of all of their purchases! 


Frequently Asked Questions About Wicked Toy Parties

How many people should I invite?

The minimum number of guests is 6, including yourself. The maximum we suggest is about 20. We find the best groups are between 12 and 18. Remember that you can invite lots of extra guests, as many will not be able to come. If you have a very small or very large group, talk with us about how we can tailor a party to suit your needs.

Is there a cost for a party or a minimum amount of sales?

No, Wicked toy parties are free, and there is no minimum sales requirement. Note that while we love doing these parties, the sexperts are paid through commission and work very hard to provide a super fun party for guests. 

How far ahead do you you need to book a party?

We ask that you book your party with us at least 2 weeks before you are hoping to have the event. This allows us to work it into the schedule and plan appropriately for exactly what kind of party you want. 

How long is a toy party?

From the time we arrive at your door to the time we leave, it will be about three hours. This includes a presentation of about two hours and time for ordering afterwards. The length depends on the size (and rowdiness) of the group.

What products will you show at my party?

We hand-pick a collection of our best products to show at parties. These products usually range across prices and functions. Be sure to let us know about 1 week in advance if you would like to see specific products at your party. Because we focus on providing a fully customizable party, the products we will bring can change dramatically for each party unless otherwise requested. 

How does the ordering work and what forms of payment do you take?

Your guests will make their purchases after the presentation is done. Hosts are encouraged to provide a separate room for guests to do their ordering if they would like some privacy. We carry stock with us, which means most guests will take home their purchases the night of your party! Anything not available that night will be delivered to you or directly to the guest within one to two weeks. Your guests can also choose to pick up their orders at our store. For all purchases, we accept cash, debit/Interac, Visa, and Mastercard. Receipts can be texted or emailed to the guest. 

Are parties for women only?

Wicked parties are inclusive of all genders. You can invite anyone you want — after all, it is your party! All parties are 18+ however. 

What do I need to do as a host?

Very little! All you need to do is have a space for us to do the presentation and perhaps a separate room with a table for the ordering (if possible or necessary). A parking spot close to your door. We will take care of everything else.

Can I serve food and alcohol?

Absolutely! It's your party. It is totally up to you if you want to serve your guests food and drinks, have a potluck, or nothing at all. Please remember though that we do need you and your guests' cooperation and respect to make sure everyone has a good time — so try not to let it get out of control.

How do the host/hostess benefits work? What will I get? 

Hosts will get a free high-end gift from us and all guests including the hosts will have taxes off of every one of the products at the party or ordered through the party! So it is a deal for everyone! 

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