Aneros The Original Male G-Spot Stimulator Progasm Jr.


If the Aneros Progasm Jr was a boxer you could say it punches way above its weight. Like its big bro, it looks like a butt plug but brings much much more to the bedroom. If you have always dreamed of having the legendary Super O, this could just the tool you need to take  you to those far flung realms of ecstasy.

Designed to deliver hands free massage of the gazillions of nerve ending round your anal area, the Progasm Jr is a lot easier to put in place for those men who involuntarily tense up at the last moment. Give it a squirt with your favorite lube, get into a comfortable position and let your body accept it. Once in place it delivers pleasure from the base to the tip, giving you the quality of dual stimulation rarely seen from a prostate massager.

Ideal for both beginners and more experienced pleasure seekers alike, the clever shape of the Progasm ensures that once in position those balls at the end of the handles are perfectly poised to tickle and caress your P spot. This could be that moment you have been dreaming of, when your body succumbs to the earth shattering orgasm respectfully referred to as the Super O


  • Length: 4.5”
  • Insertable length: 4”
  • Material: Body safe ABS plastic
  • Hypoallergenic