Bears in the Wild Edited By R. Jackson


Does a Bear read in the woods? You bet your sweet woof he does! Bears in the Wild, the third Bearotica collection of hot and hairy short fiction, draws readers deeper into the lush forest of masculine desire. These tales reveal at a mysterious bonfire a whole new tribe of lusty gay, bi, and queer male characters from the Bear cult, joyously playing and participating in their naked, natural rituals. Editor R. Jackson presents sixteen fresh, arousing, compelling stories of homomasculine love by famed and favorite contributors such as Jeff Mann, Dale Chase, Jay Neal, and Jay Starre, as well as new voices. Reading these sometimes humorous, often insightful, but always sensual tales of burly, macho men sharing their fierce and furry love may grow hair on the palms of your paws or at least, show you what bears really do in the woods.