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Calexotics Colt Commander Probe & Ring

Ready for action in the front and back? Are you a versatile top? The COLT Commander™ Probe & Ring offers the support of a ring and the stimulation of a probe to help you achieve the climax of a lifetime. When you unload, it will be like nothing you have experienced before… it is an experience that’s uniquely COLT.

This sturdy, pliable silicone probe with a support ring is equally pliable and durable. For superior support and ultimate in sensual pleasure, this pure silicone probe and ring are as safe and easy to care for as they are gratifying. Let the COLT Commander™ Probe & Ring stimulate your testicles and prostate for the utmost in sensation. Exciting to use solo or with a partner, with the COLT Commander™ Probe & Ring you’re on your way to a peak sexual adventure. After all, your satiation is our pleasure, so get set for the ultimate in excitement, and get exactly what you need and want to satisfy every desire. Primed to reach all the right pleasure receptors, this probe and ring will awaken every pleasure sensation in sexy style.

Our COLT Commander™ Probe & Ring has what you need for a heightened sensual experience. Get ready, get set, and stay going longer - stay harder and stronger, longer too. This probe and ring have exactly what you need to get exactly what you want. For maximum enjoyment, use the probe with a premium water-based lubricant.