The Toybag Guide to Chastity Play Book by Mistress Simone


What's so sexy about not having sex? Everything, says Mistress Simone, when chastity is enforced by a hot dominant and backed by the right attitude and equipment.

In The Toybag Guide to Chastity Play, longtime dominant Mistress Simone explains how to keep your male or female submissive eager to attend to your every desire - simply by holding the key to their sexual release. Whether your will is imposed by a simple agreement, or backed by an impressive chastity device, you'll discover - as many kinksters have - that controlling your submissive's sexuality opens the door to other types of control as well. Chapters include "The Psychology of Chastity,” "The Realities of Chastity,” "Integrating Chastity Into Your BDSM Play,” and "Devices,” as well as a glossary and an extensive resource guide.

Author: Mistress Simone
Publisher: Greenery Press
Binding: Paperback
Length: 128 Pages

Mistress Simone has been a lifestyle and professional dominant for twenty years. Her essays and stories have been featured in books, magazines and websites including Leatherati, Fearless Press and Greenery Press's Paying For It. A national BDSM/kink educator, international leather titleholder, activist and community member, she is headmistress of the Chicago branch of ClubFEM which focuses on the female-dominant/male-submissive dynamic. She can be found at home in Saint Louis with her husband, two dogs and a cat, or in Chicago with her slaves and sissies.