Dalia Explorer for Ladies G-Spot massager


The Dalia is a unique porcelain dildo created by Désirables and was designed to reach the elusive G-Spot. Every piece is handcrafted with love by local potters following the Limoges’ traditions ensuring the highest possible quality.

The one of a kind design of the Dalia is what makes it such a great G-Spot massager, because the shape was created with vaginas in mind! It is easy to handle, lightweight and the matte finish of the porcelain will give you a good grip for a pleasurable orgasmic sessions in bed (or wherever you’d like). The Dalia is a dual end dildo, you can use either end to reach your G-Spot and use the rounded tip to assist you during your Kegels exercise session. Want to know more about the Dalia? Click here!

Porcelain is a luxurious material and we chose it for its numerous qualities: 100% body safe, hypoallergenic, non-porous, thermo conductive, easy to wash and sterilize, extremely durable and very resistant in use. Want to know more about porcelain? Click here!


    Each box includes: Dalia, storage bag, informative booklet and authenticity certificate

    - Vibrations and Phthalates free

    - Weight :  between 130-140g

    - Length : 178 mm / 7 in

    - Gurt : See product sheet

    G-spot Stimulation

    Kegels exercises