ElectraPads Square 4 Pack

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It's Hip to be Square!

Product Description:
Ensuring even, perfectly positionable stimulation, these ultra versatile adhesive pads are meant to be used with the ElectraStim line of devices and accessories.

When hooked to one of power boxes via the included leads, the ElectraPads conduct electrical currents evenly and in a blissfully spread-out manner, allowing a wide range of nerve endings to be excited.

Although perfect on their own, the Pads are a great way to enjoy some of ElectraStim's uni-polar (single input) accessories. Uni-polar dildos, plugs, probes and rings require a second accessory to complete the circuit, and an ElectraPad is just the thing. Able to be placed anywhere (below the waist), they're a must-have addition to your ElectraStim collection. Four 2 inch by 2 inch (50mm x 50mm) pads are included. ElectraStim unit sold separately.

4 Pack
2mm connector

2 inch by 2 inch (50mm x 50mm)