ElectrasStim Silicone Noir Rocker Small

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Rock It!

Product Description:
A strategically textured plug from the ElectraStim Silicone Noir line of electro-stimulation tools, the Small Rocker is at the beginner end of the size scale, boasting a classic sweet-spot targeting taper and an easily maneuvered base curved for maximum manageability.

Shaped for an intense stretch immediately following insertion, the conductive Rocker features a softly pointed head that quickly widens to the plug's largest point before tapering into a comfortably thin neck. Like any great anal penetrator, the Rocker's base is extra wide, providing a barrier against too-deep penetration, plus, the curvy shape allows for a namesake rocking, griding motion. Concealed 2mm inputs placed to one side connect with an ElectraStim controller (sold separately).

100% hypoallergenic, supremely hygienic and amazingly supple, the platinum cured silicone comprising the Rocker is absolutely safe for even the most sensitive skin. Wipe with a good toy cleaner before and after use or scrub with warm water and a mild soap to sterilize. Always enjoy a great quality water-based lubricant or conductive gel with this piece, silicone formulas should be avoided, as should contact with other silicone toys and tools. As with any electronic stimulation device, always read instructions, warnings and operation tips carefully to avoid injury or discomfort.

100% platinum-cured, medical-grade silicone

Bi-polar for internal stimulation – takes 2x 2mm pin connectors
Temperature Sensitive
Textured Surface

Length: 4.75"
Insertable Length: 3.75"
Girth: 3.8" at largest point
Width: 1.1" at largest point

*The Rocker requires a bi-polar (2 input) electrostim device (sold separately).