Endless Knot By Mathew Styranka

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Endless Knot: A Spiritual Odyssey Through Sado-Masochism by Mathew Styranka. Bay Street clerk by day, fetish slave by night, Endless Knot is the autobiographical story of one man’s spiritual journey through Toronto’s underworld of hard-core sado-masochism. Growing up in Saskatchewan, Mathew Styranka spent much of his youth trying to integrate his submissive sexual passions and his spiritual yearnings. After moving to Toronto to pursue Zen meditation, he found release instead in the world of fetish and sado-masochism. His struggle to find spiritual and physical satisfaction rested in finding the Mistress of his dreams, a woman he thought would complete him through her domination. But when fantasy became reality, Styranka discovered that his true self lay somewhere between the desires of the flesh and the reflections of the mind. A fixture on the scene before it was a scene, running his own fetish nights alongside some of Canada’s top fetish retailers, Styranka brings this world to life with a simplicity and elegance that approaches a number of classics of the genre, including Leopold Von Sacher-Masoch’s Venus In Furs and Anais Nin’s Diaries.