Erotic Massage for Couples and Triads
Erotic Massage for Couples and Triads
Erotic Massage for Couples and Triads

Erotic Massage for Couples and Triads

Erotic Massage for Couples and Triads

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Essentials of Erotic Massage for Couples and Triads

Pre-registration is REQUIRED. You must have a discovery call with S.A. to attend this event.

This event is for individuals interested in giving and receiving erotic touch. You do not need to be in a romantic relationship to sign up, but you must register with your own partner(s). Partners will not be provided.

Have you ever wondered what the “right technique” or the “perfect stroke” is to give the best erotic massage to your partner? Do you want to learn how to relax and surrender to the bliss of receiving an erotic massage? Then this workshop is for you.

We will spend 3 hours learning how to connect with ourselves, express our deepest desires, and set boundaries and limits in our giving. Once you learn the essentials of erotic massage, you will feel much more confident in giving and receiving erotic touch.

You will need to bring:
- A lush, cushiony mattress pad
- A towel, blanket, or waterproof splash pad if desired
- A pillow
- Hypoallergenic oil if you have allergies
- Any toys that you think will assist you or your partner(s)' pleasure
- A pen and paper if you wish

What to wear:
Clothing is optional. Wear whatever accessories or garments express your erotic self. You might want to bring a robe to cover up, and underneath, wear something that makes you feel sexy and comfortable. Tank top and shorts are acceptable too!

Date and Time:
June 9th from 1-4 PM. From 4-5 PM, there will be a social hour to meet and greet the host and other participants who wish to stay for more connection.

Location: Wicked West - 1891 Merivale Rd. (Off of Bentley Rd.)



Sarah bio:
Sarah Anne (she/They) is the Owner of Awaken BLISS. Managing a life of chronic pain and disconnection led her to a wellness career. She was introduced to dance in her early childhood, this gave her a place to express energy in motion (e-motion). Then came the practice of yoga, which united breath into conscious meditative movement. Thai Massage established a principle of Metta (unconditional loving kindness) that has shaped her life and career with dynamic energy in a dance of surrender. Enthusiastic Consent has now become the major vocation for Sarah Anne and guides them in family, intimate relationships, work relationships and any opportunity to engage with this way of living.  They are a Somatic Sex Coach troubling normal and infusing pleasure into their clients lives.  Join them with one on one coaching, group workshops, classes and online sessions.


*Yoga Teacher Training, YTT = Rama Lotus, Ottawa, ON

*Thai Massage Practitioner, TMP

= Asokananda School, Thailand

= Toronto School of Thai Massage, Toronto, ON

= Ottawa School Of Thai Massage, Ottawa, ON

*Yoga Tune Up™, YTU, RMM = Level 1 Teacher Training, Core Immersion, Integrated Embodied Anatomy, Roll Model Method, The Science of Rolling, Ottawa, ON

*SSE in training @ the Institute of Somatic Sex Education

*Wheel of Consent ®  Working with Individuals, Working with Groups and a trained Facilitator @ The School of Consent 

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FB: @BLISSottawa

Insta: @awakenblissottawa , @bare.bliss

Sarah Atkinson, YTT, YTU, TMP, RMM, SSE (in training**)


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