Sportsheet Everlaster- Wishbone - Hollow Dong With Strap-On Harness

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Sportsheets Wishbone Harness - Keeping Couples Together 

Great for penis owners who are suffering from premature ejaculation or experience mild to serious erectile dysfunction.

Superior Harness fits over semi-or flaccid penis.

This 4-way adjustable harness that has an ergonomic ball sac clearance.
Great for boomers and diabetics, those who have had prostate surgery and even those who might be a tad smaller and wish to give their partner a little extra gift !

Functionally the best harness for the investment. Outside of the higher end Vixskin and or SpareParts, this Sportsheet Harness is great value for the investment.

Softer cup for male parts, and they do not cut into skin and stay put.
Fits waist up to 69" and comes with a hollow 6.5" dildo.

Fits up to 69" (175.3cm) waist.
Ingredients: 50% Polypropylene, 30% free-PVC, 9% polyester, 6% polyurethane foam, 4% ABS Plastic, 1% Nitrile
Includes: 1- 4 way adjustable harness w/ ergonomic ball sac clearance. 1 Hollow Dildo - 6.5” (16.5cm)