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Fenice Glass Diletto

Fenice Glass Diletto


Fenice is hand crafted from crystalline Borosilicate as the ultimate G-Spot Diletto with a twist. The familiar end begins with teardrop crown a little more than 1 1/2 inches wide and completely smooth. The 1-inch shaft that follows is uniformly curved suggesting that Fenice can be managed from either end and remain intimately familiar. The teardrop on the other end is of similar size but offers a gentle texture formed by twisted groves that surround the entire head. This touch dramatically expands the experience from this Diletto.

A smooth, warmed, Diletto feels exquisite against the skin and quickly encourages more lustful desires. Press the textured head gently between soft folds or against that most sensitive button with gentle twisted and experience what just a touch of texture can do. Plunge, but slowly, with either end, and you'll know the emphasized feelings of penetration that Love Style Dilettos are known so well for. And when your body is ready, let either end find the G-Spot with gentle pressure and tender rocking while body shakes build to the ultimate release from an intense high.

Included: Padded, embroidered Love Style Diletto Pouch, free ($15 value). All Love Style Dilettos carry a no questions asked Lifetime Warranty.

What is a Diletto? The word Dildo, defined as a 'penis substitute', is a crude and inaccurate name for our sensual toys. The word Dildo, however, is thought to have derived its origins from the Italian word, Diletto, which actually means delight, satisfaction, pleasure, joy and much more. This, we can relate to. Love Style Dilettos are definitely NOT penis substitutes - they offer sensations and pleasures that are so totally different whether savored on your own or, often better, with a partner who understands the rapture that a Love Style Diletto can deliver.

- Weight: 10.8 oz (305 grams)
- Length: 10 in (25.4 cm)
- Circ. (min/max): 3 in (7.6 cm) / 5 in (12.7 cm)

Material: SOLID Borosilicate Glass, Medical Grade, ISO Certified, FDA Approved, Non-Porous
Hypoallergenic: Yes
Warranty: Lifetime - All Perils

Love Style Glass Dilettos feel like silk once lubricated with absolutely NO friction. And yet the contrast of their rigidity allows every texture, every shape to be experienced. The rigidity of Love Style Dilettos makes many of the styles absolutely PERFECT for G-Spot play. Further, the feeling of penetration and fullness from Love Style Glass Toys is unlike anything else. Try one and you will collect many. Love Style Dilettos are the safest, cleanest, healthiest adult toys on the market... period.

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